Chance of Success 14 Years After Vasectomy

14 years after vasectomyFor some men, they are concerned that after 14 years a vasectomy reversal is not possible. Mr Harriss’s latest audited results (June 2017) show that you would have at least an 80% chance of success after 14 years. Here are some testimonials from men in similar positions who have attended our clinic along with some of the semen analysis results that were obtained consequently. They are not necessarily the same men whose are shown and who sent in testimonials.

We have over 850 testimonials some of which can be seen here, the remainder are on our sister site which can be accessed here.


Some Positive Semen Analysis Results 14 Years After Vasectomy:

A 42 year old is now fertile again with a sperm count of 68 million per ml

A 50 year old is ow fertile again with a sperm count of 27 million per ml

A 47 year old is now fertile again with a sperm count of 39 million per ml

A 49 year old is now fertile again with a sperm count of 12 million per ml

A 40 year old is now fertile again with a sperm count of 10 million per ml

A 48 year old is now fertile again with a sperm count of 24 million per ml

A 47 year old is now fertile again with a sperm count of 56 million per ml



Testimonials from Couples 14 Years After Vasectomy

These are all true and obtained from couples under Mr Harriss’s care. Records are kept of file. Hundreds of testimonials that have been received about Mr Harriss’s care and results, and over 100 Feefo independent feedback responses have been obtained of which 100% are excellent. The testimonials below are those relating to men who were 12 years post vasectomy:


* Dear Dr Harriss, Just a line to inform you of the success of my vasectomy reversal in May 2008. As you remember it was 14 years since my vasectomy. Baby boy Miles born 1/2/2010. Would enclose photo but can’t attach file. Many thanks, if you need more info for your data, don’t hesitate to contact us. Yours gratefully.R.J.

* Apologies for not being in touch sooner. You carried out a vasectomy reversal on me on the 1st September 2008.If you was a little complicated to carry out the repair..the vasectomy had been carried out at least 14 years previous to this.Mt wife and I are extremely grateful that you did complete the operation as on the 15th March, our daughter Eleni was born weighing a healthy 7lb 6oz.She has been giving us sleepless nights since, but worth everyone of them.Therefore we would like to thank you and your team for making this possible.Warmest regards.P.H.

* Just to let you know. You gave me a reverse vascestomy on June, 2010. You said it was 50/50 because the vasecestomy was performed in Jan 1996. I have Great news that my wife is now 2/3 weeks pregnant, it worked after just one month of trying!! Mr Harriss, thank you so much M.F.

* Dear Catherine,Just to keep you all up to speed, Mr Duncan Harriss performed a reverse vasectomy on myself on June 28 2010 after having a vascectomy on January 6 1996. All thing considered, he would only give a 50% chance of a pregnancy after the operation. As it was, 50% is better that 0%, to be honest, if he had said 5% only, I still would of pressed on ahead with the operation.5 weeks after the operation my wife was pregnant. Our prayers and wishes had been answered!!! She is now 22 weeks. All went well with the 11 and 20 week scans. No complications, ‘all is how it should be’.We are now looking forward to the birth of our Son on May 14. We will of course, keep you informed.I don’t know where to start with thanking you, all we do know is, you have given us a gift that is God given, all thanks to Mr Duncan Harriss. M.F.

* After a terrible experience at a local BMI hopsital we were left devatsed by the brutal news that had been delivered to us. We pulled ourselves together and started to research our options in the hope of getting a second opinion with a better prognosis. We were delighted when Mr Harris got back to us to tell us that there is still a good chance that we could have children. On arrival at the clinic we were made to feel instantly comfortable and at ease, staff nurse Dorothy Taylor looked after us and was so lovely, warm and caring. She took a real interest in our situation and before she went off shift she came back to see us to wish us all the best!Mr Harris was professional and approachable and again had a wonderful bed side manner which made us both feel in very good hands. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to try for a little family of our own. The testimonials on your page were a huge part in our decision making and are a true reflection of being in your care. We hope to be writing soon with news of a pregnancy…….many thanks once again. Kind regards D.C.

* I am writing to add a testimonial to your portfolio as I cannot believe the outcome of the my procedure.I am 40 years old and had a vasectomy 14 years ago at the age of 26 years; I had a vasectomy reversal procedure at the Park Hospital Nottingham on Wednesday 30th March 2011.I spent a great deal of time researching the procedure and decided upon a doctor HARRISS due to the excellent feedback I had seen from his patients regarding their treatment during ther procedure and the positive outcomes.I was delighted with the whole experience, the ward was well looked after and the team were extremely helpful and could not do enough to make my wife and I comfortable and at ease.My consultation prior to the procedure was both informative and reassuring and I had no concerns whatsoever.I returned to the Park on Thursday 4th August 2011 to give a sample for a sperm test; due to the distance I had to travel I received a bespoke service. I provided a sample prior to lunch and Dr Harriss made a space for me to see him the same day for a follow-up examination.That afternoon not only did I get to see Mr Harriss and discuss my post operative recovery but the result of the test had been fast tracked and I was given the news.I had an amazing result.I have 80 million sperm the majority of which were swimmers ad this after 14 years since my inital vasectomy.I returned home full of hope and expectation that we could now possible dream that we could complete our family with a baby.On Sunday 4th September 2011, Helen was four weeks pregnant. (Just over 20 weeks since the operation!!!)We checked with 4 pregnancy test kits!!!Today, 3rd November 2011 we have just had a dating scan at Yeovil Maternity Hospital: our baby is due on 11 th May 2012.I just want to extend my heart felt thanks and gratitude to Dr Harriss and his team who I truly believe are in the business of performing miracles and making dreams come true.I am happy for my details to be used on your website/facebook as the more people that know about your wonderful service the better. S.M.

* Just a note to say a big thank you to Mr. Harriss and his team for all the care I received at the BMI hospital for my vasectomy reversal back in May of this year. Mr. Harriss was very professional but also very down to earth and he made me feel very at ease both before and after my surgery, as did the anaesthetist and all the staff at the hospital; my treatment and after-care was second to none! I had a quick recovery with no complications afterwards. My vasectomy was done 14.5 years ago and my reversal surgery was successful, in that I now have live swimmers, although on the low side, I hope that with time my body will do its job and things will improve and myself and my wife can report a happy outcome! Again, thank you for everything, I would highly recommend Mr. Harris and his team to anyone seeking a vasectomy reversal. G.B.

* Further to my post op analysis,  it will not be required as my wife is pregnant. Therefore my operation was a success, please could you pass on my thanks to Mr Harriss. C.C.

*XXX was born on the 25/8/16. This is a year to the day my partner XXX had his reversal with Duncan Harriss. 14 years after original vasectomy. We love her to bits. Thank you to you and your team.

*14 years after vasectomy….We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Harriss as we are very proud parents to a beautiful baby girl. She is almost 5 months old now! Sorry its taken a while to let you know. Ive attached the most recent photo of her. We hope you and Mr Harriss are well and thank you again.

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