Chance of Success 15 Years After Vasectomy

15 years after vasectomyFor some men, they are concerned that after 15 years after vasectomy, a reversal is not possible. Mr Harriss‘s latest audited results (June 2017) show that you would have a 80% chance of success after 15 years. Here are some testimonials from men in similar positions who have attended our clinic along with some of the semen analysis results that were obtained consequently. They are not necessarily the same men whose are shown and who sent in testimonials.

We have over 850 testimonials some of which can be seen here, the remainder are on our sister site which can be accessed here.


Some Positive Semen Analysis Results 15 Years After Vasectomy:

A 43 year old now has a sperm count of 49 million per ml

A 44 year old ow has a sperm count of 11 million per ml

A 39 year old now has a sperm count of 12 million per ml

A 42 year old now has a sperm count of 34 million per ml

A 46 year old now has a sperm count of 30 million per ml


Testimonials from Couples 15 Years After Vasectomy

These are all true and obtained from couples under Mr Harriss’s care. Records are kept of file. Hundreds of testimonials that have been received about Mr Harriss’s care and results, and over 100 Feefo independent feedback responses have been obtained of which 100% are excellent. The testimonials below are those relating to men who were 12 years post vasectomy:

* I had my vasectomy reversal on 13th September 2010 and my partner and I were both treated excellently by all involved. Mr Harriss was incredibly professional and answered all our questions we had concerning the procedure and the outcome. Having had my vasectomy in 2005 we are delighted to say that in December 2010 I have a sperm count of 100million/per ml and that’s all thanks to Dr Harriss and his wonderful team at The Park Hospital. B.M.

* Hi Bev. Back in jan 2011 Dr Harris performed my reversal procedure 15 years after my original op. I wanted to let you know that my wife and I welcomed our new son to the world today weighing 8lb 10oz . Thank you all for your excellent work and professionalism. Kind regards P.V.

My wife and I are very pleased to announce that we are expecting a little bundle of joy in early Sept 13. Having visited you in Apl 12 and recieving results in late Aug 12 at the of Age 51 and 15 years post vasectomy 8.9 p/mill with 40% motility was more than I expected. I am so glad I decided on the sevice offered by Dr Harris and his team. I would be prepared to share our news with anyone and give testemonial to Duncan and the service in any further way if you so wish. P.J.

* Dear Bev, My husband had his vasectomy reversal carried out in January 2012, and despite being over the age of 45 and having had his original vasectomy almost 15 years previous, the operation was a success and we now have a beautiful daughter who is just 6 weeks old. We cannot thank Dr Harriss enough for this miracle and would appreciate it if you would add this testimonial to your website to help other couples in their decision making (although please do not include our names). C.H.

* Hi Bev, This is just a quick email to let Mr Harriss know that my partner XXX is now in her 7th month and we are expecting a baby girl on December 28th. We cannot thank you all enough. Given that my vasectomy was over 15 years previous to my reversal I am amazed and delighted at this success. Please add me to your statistics and accept our deepest thanks. We will send you a testimonial and pic after the birth. Kind regards

* Good morning, I would like to thank Mr Harris and his team of nurses for the professionalism and quality of care my husband had on his day case for his reversal. My husband has experienced no pain at all after the op which has been a bonus . We are extremely thankful to Mr Harris for giving us this opportunity to have some hope in the future of a positive result . At 15 years post vasectomy we didnt think we had a chance untill we discovered  the Bmi hospital and Mr Harris so hopefully there will be a positive result at the end. Thank you once again for everything D.S.


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