Chance of Success 16 Years After Vasectomy

16 years after vasectomyFor some men, they are concerned that 16 years after vasectomy, a reversal is not possible. Mr Harriss’s latest audited results (June 2017) show that you would have at least an 80% chance of success after 16 years. Here are some testimonials from men in similar positions who have attended our clinic along with some of the semen analysis results that were obtained consequently. They are not necessarily the same men whose are shown and who sent in testimonials.

We have over 850 testimonials some of which can be seen here, the remainder are on our sister site which can be accessed here.


Some Positive Semen Analysis Results 16 Years After Vasectomy:

A 43 year old now has a sperm count of 20 million per ml (with only one vas deferens)

A 48 year old now has a sperm count of 5 million per ml

A 46 year old now has a sperm count of 54 million per ml

A 49 year old now has a sperm count of 118 million per ml

A 49 year old now has a sperm coin tot 9 million per ml

A 57 year old now has a sperm count of 22 million per ml

A 44 year old now has a sperm count of 15 million per ml


Testimonials from Couples 16 Years After Vasectomy

These are all true and obtained from couples under Mr Harriss’s care. Records are kept of file. Hundreds of testimonials that have been received about Mr Harriss’s care and results, and over 100 Feefo independent feedback responses have been obtained of which 100% are excellent. The testimonials below are those relating to men who were 16 years post vasectomy:


* Dear Mr Harriss, I came to you for a vasectomy reversal on June 28, 2010. You said you’d give me a 50 50 chance of the reversal being successful considering the vasectomy was carried out 15 years ago in January 1996 and that I was 49 years young.Today, May 10, 2011 my wife gave birth to our beautiful son, all thanks to you Mr Harriss. Thank you so so much, from the bottom of our hearts. Yours Sincerely .M.F.

*Hello there, we just wanted to share our wonderful news after finding out we are almost 8 weeks pregnant! We attended your clinic for a reversal in November 09, it had been 16 years since the original operation and you were very honest about success rates. We were thrilled with the results 3 months later, that it had been a complete success. We tried for just over a year till we found that I had a polyp that may of been causing problems. It was removed March 2011 and I fell pregnant the follwing month! Thank you so much for helping to make our dream come true. Your clinic and staff were wonderful, we travelled from Middlesbrough because we were so impressed with your reputation. All fully deserved. Thanks again P.M.

* We would like to thank Mr Harriss for the chance we thought we would never have. My reversal has been a complete success with a count of 59.3million per ml normal 26million /ml and a normal motility rateof 61%. This we find amazing as it is almost 16yrs since my vasectomy. We can’t thank Mr Harriss enough J.P

* Dear Duncan, You may recall that you kindly did my reversal on 30th September 2012, (some 16 years after the original vasectomy) and we are delighted to let you know that XXX was born on 12th February 2014 weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds 4 ounces! He has since doubled in size. Thank you.

* Dear Catherine/ Dr HarrisAround 1 week shy of 12 months since surgery and 16 years post vasectomy I am very pleased to let you know that my wife and I have had a ‘Clear Blue’ positive result. Still to be confirmed by our GP, but too excited to wait for confirmation, I just want to say a huge thank you for what you have done for us. We couldn’t be happier. Many thanks

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