Chance of Success 17 and 18 Years After Vasectomy

For some men, they are concerned that 17 years after vasectomy, a reversal is not possible. Mr Harriss’s latest audited results (June 2017) show that you would have at least an 80% chance of success after 17 or 18 years after vasectomy. Here are some testimonials from men in similar positions who have attended our clinic along with some of the semen analysis results that were obtained consequently. They are not necessarily the same men whose are shown and who sent in testimonials.

We have over 850 testimonials some of which can be seen here, the remainder are on our sister site which can be accessed here.


Some Positive Semen Analysis Results 17 & 18 Years After Vasectomy:

A 54 year old, now is fertile again after having a positive sperm count of 84 million per ml at 3 months post-op

A 47 year old, now is fertile again after having a positive sperm count of 32 million per ml at 3 months post-op

A 44 year old, now is fertile again after having a positive sperm count of 17 million per ml at 3 months post-op

A 43 year old, now is fertile again after having a positive sperm count of 4 million per ml at 3 months post-op

Testimonials from Couples 17 & 18 Years After Vasectomy

These are all true and obtained from couples under Mr Harriss’s care. Records are kept of file. Hundreds of testimonials that have been received about Mr Harriss’s care and results, and over 100 Feefo independent feedback responses have been obtained of which 100% are excellent. The testimonials below are those relating to men who were 17 & 18 years post vasectomy:

 * I am writing to thank you for the reversal that mr harriss performed back in July 2008. I had had a vasectomy some 17 years ago and so there was only a slim chance that it would be succesfull. I am delighted to say that the whole experience could not have gone any better and that we are now expecting our child together in october 2009.C.P.

* Hi bev We have just received our results from yourself saying after 17 years we have a positive sperm count after Doctor Harris performed my reversal in march,it showed a sperm count of 40million per ml and 40% motility, please pass on my heartfelt thanks from me and my partner too the team.We will keep you informed when we have more news. Please use this email.   regards and thanks again. G.G.

* Dear Duncan,We are writing to let you know our brilliant news, We are 12 weeks pregnant and we have just had our dating scan which was amazing. Our due date is 8th January. We can’t quite believe how quick we have become pregnant and after eighteen years after the original vasectomy we felt there was little hope. However, you remained very positive right from the fist clinic appointment and thanks to your brilliant surgical skill our dreams have come true.We are both so grateful for your help and specifically your positivity. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to other couples considering this procedure.Again many thanks.D.D.

* Hi BevJust to update you and Mr Harris regarding my reversal performed in March this year.As my vasectomy was performed 18 years ago our biggest risk of failure was a potential blockage. We worked hard to resolve this, which was lots of fun and were rewarded with a pretty good sperm count at the 12 week test carried out in June.We missed our first real opportunity to conceive in July due to being away on holiday, however, on our first planned attempt in August we were successful……. We are pleased to announce that our baby is due April 2012.Emma is now getting over her morning sickness and at 16 weeks is now starting to show, we are both enjoying the pregnancy experience and can’t wait for the new arrival. We will keep you posted next year.Please feel free to post on your website.All the best S.R.

* My husband had a reversal August last year after having had a vasectomy for 17 years. On March 26th with very little trying we had a beautiful baby boy!!! We honestly thought we would have to have fertility treatment before we could have a baby – he was an amazing surprise! Thank you! xx

* Dear Bev, Just contacting you to announce our great news that my partner Christine(aged 35) and I(aged 53) attended our first pre natal scan on 31/12/13 which has confirmed that Christine was 13 weeks into her pregnancy at the scan date and our first baby together is due to arrive on the 8th July. My operation date was 24/10/12 which suggests that conception took just under 12 months from the operation date. Would you please inform Mr Harris and his team of our fantastic news and thank everyone at the Park Bmi for the excellent care shown to us both whilst we were there. A special thank you goes to Mr Harris for his brilliant surgical skills which,  goes without saying, we will be forever in his dept. Yours sincerely

* We are delighted to let you know that our little bundle of joy XXX, arrived on Tuesday 15th July at 9.19am weighing 9lb 12oz. Mother and baby doing really well after 16hrs of labour and a visit to theatre for a forceps procedure. Hope the photo that I’ve attached is useable. Please thank Mr Harris and his team once again for helping us to realise our dream.B.K.

*I cannot express my gratitude enough to Mr Harriss, Catherine and team, I was 17 years post vasectomy. Having under taken a reversal at another clinic In Mar 2014 (Dr Dawson) I was informed that only one side was successfully connected as the other side was too short! We met Mr Harriss on the morning of the Op Sep 14. After the consultation he labeled me as his ‘challenge of the day’ ! Post Op we were given the great news that the Op was successful and that he had managed to connect BOTH sides i’m not sure where he managed to find the missing tube from. The upshot was that my partner conceived on what must have been our first attempt ETA 03 June! To be honest we still cant believe it how lucky we have been, lucky to come across such a talented man. You guys are THE BEST.

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