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Great Success Rate for Vasectomy Reversals

If you’re like many of the patients we see here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, you’re probably feeling a little bit uncertain about having vasectomy reversal done because you’re not sure of the success rate. We’ve experienced patients who were in your situation in the past. This is a common concern, and many patients worry that […]

One of the Best Vasectomy Reversal Surgeons UK

There are many reasons a man may decide to have a vasectomy. But as some of us get older, or our circumstances in life change, we may decide we would once again like to conceive naturally. This is why many finding the best vasectomy reversal surgeons is so important. Over 500 men per year visit […]

The Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Needs Not be a Mystery

One of the most common complaints of men looking to reverse their vasectomies is the lack of transparency surrounding the actual cost of vasectomy reversal. And, indeed this is a problem with some clinics who refuse to pinpoint the actual cost. If you look around the Internet, prices can be found anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 […]

Great Chances of a Baby After Vasectomy Reversal

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about the possibility of having a baby after vasectomy reversal, but you’re not sure about your chances for success. Many of our patients come to us with these types of questions. They want to have a baby, but they have a great deal of fear about whether or not it will happen […]