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Questions About Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal surgery is becoming more and more popular amongst men who have changed their minds about having children in the future. Reversing a vasectomy is safe and effective for most men, but there are still questions that you should before you decide to proceed: 1. Will the vasectomy reversal surgery work for me? With […]

Minerals associated with enhanced male fertility

After a vasectomy reversal, many men seek to do all that they can to boost their fertility. Recent research in scientific journals such as ‘Nutrition Research’ and ‘Human Reproduction’ have shown that certain vitamins and minerals can help with key aspects of enhanced male fertility, such as increasing the sperm count and improving sperm motility. Luckily, these minerals and other […]

Recovering from a vasectomy reversal: what you need to know

Any surgery will require a certain amount of recovery time, and recovering from a vasectomy reversal is no different. The good news is that your recovery time when reversing a vasectomy should be relatively comfortable, swift and fairly easy. According to an audit that The Vasectomy Reversal Centre performed on patients after vasectomy reversal surgery, […]