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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Male Fertility: Does Age Matter?

vasectomy reversalOne of the most common reasons for a man to desire the reversing a vasectomy is because they have found love again with a new partner later on in life, previously thinking that their child rearing days were well behind them or just not something for them. As people age, wants and desires change and the good news is that there is no upper age limit for vasectomy reversal in Nottingham.

It may be the case that much time has elapsed from the time of the […]

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3 Male Infertility Myths Debunked

male infertilityAfter undergoing a vasectomy reversal, you might be worried about infertility. There are plenty of rumours and myths circulating on the internet about male infertility, so don’t believe everything you read. To give you a helping hand and peace of mind, we’ve debunked three of the major male infertility myths out there.

Myth 1: healthy men will have 100% healthy sperm

This is simply not true. Many men who have had vasectomy reversals get worried by this statistic, but don’t let it affect you. In reality, only 14% […]

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Vasectomy Reversal – Facts vs Fiction

vasectomy reversal mythsWith rumours, myths, and online forums, there are many sources of information about vasectomy reversal that are both misleading and incorrect. The only people to listen to when you want to know about reversing a vasectomy in the UK are fully qualified Consultant Urological Surgeons who are registered on the GMC specialist register, like us.

So we’d like to give you the facts on some of the most common statements we hear and read about reversing a vasectomy.

Fiction – Vasectomy reversal is very painful

Fact – […]

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Five Ways To Improve Male Fertility

male fertilityAfter a vasectomy reversal, it is normal that it will take some time to completely regain your fertility. While waiting can be annoying – especially when you are looking to conceive – the vasectomy reversal success rate is high, with the majority of those who undergo the procedure finding that their fertility levels go back to normal.

There are things that men can do, however, to boost their fertility levels naturally. Here are five of the top ways in which you can improve male fertility:

1. Stop smoking.

While […]

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