Monthly Archives: March 2015

Good Fertility News: Potency Can Increase Despite Age

If you’ve had a vasectomy reversal or are thinking about having the procedure, you’ll be interested to learn that it’s possible to give your fertility a boost no matter how old you are just by what you eat – at least according to the results of a new study. The research set about to show, […]

Is It Too Late To Reverse My Vasectomy?

There are many men out there who regret having a vasectomy for one reason or another. Many of them were young when they had the procedure, imagining they’d never want children, but now realise that they’ve become broody over time. Others may have thought in the past that they were finished with having children, yet […]

Could Your Job be Damaging Your Fertility?

Luckily a contemporary working culture that embraces health and safety measures has done plenty to reduce exposure to dangerous toxins such as heavy metals, radiation and poisons. Despite the welcome emphasis on promoting well-being in the workplace, there are still a number of common factors that can have a significant negative impact on male fertility. […]