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Discussing your vasectomy reversal with your partner

vasectomy reversal

The decision whether to grow your family or not is one of the most important that any couple can make. It is vital that you are both in complete agreement before you proceed with a vasectomy reversal. Even raising the issue can take delicate handling. Making the choice whether or not to bring new life […]

Second Marriages and Vasectomy Reversals

vasectomy reversal

As more people divorce and then remarry other partners, an increasing number of couples are trying to start a family later in life. For many, this means men are requiring a vasectomy reversal. Almost 40% of weddings are now second marriages; and for men who’ve had a vasectomy – believing they weren’t going to have […]

NHS to limit vasectomy referrals

vasectomy reversal

Vasectomy reversals are a common procedure as men remarry or simply decide they were a little hasty when they cut the cord the first time round. Now, though, the NHS has been forced to ration vasectomies in the first place and men will have to make a strong case if they want the surgical procedure. […]

Male fertility: the facts

male fertility

When it comes to fertility issues in heterosexual couples, the problem is spread quite evenly between the two sexes; male infertility accounts for between 40 and 50% of all instances in humans, and around 7% of men are affected by fertility problems when trying to conceive. The most common root cause of male infertility can […]