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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Returning to exercise after your vasectomy reversal

vasectomy reversalIf you are an athletic individual then it is completely understandable that you will want to restart your exercise regime as soon as possible after undergoing a vasectomy reversal. However, if you take your time and remain cautious, you can gradually begin to exercise again at a safe pace which will improve your vasectomy reversal success rate.

Firstly, it is strongly recommended by Mr Harriss that you avoid all forms of exercise for two weeks after undergoing a vasectomy reversal. From cycling to lifting heavy shopping, you should avoid any […]

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Vasectomy reversal myths debunked

vasectomy reversalIf you decide to undergo a vasectomy reversal, having accurate information at your fingertips will ensure you are as informed as possible. Here are some of the most popular myths associated with reversing a vasectomy.

If you’re too old, you can’t have a vasectomy reversal

The reality is, a vasectomy reversal can be performed at any age, so long as an individual is healthy enough to undergo the treatment.

A vasectomy reversal rarely works after 10 years

This is a popular misconception and is based on outdated studies. Modern techniques used today […]

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A healthy diet for dads to be

fertilityIf you’ve gone to the trouble of having a vasectomy reversal then you almost certainly want to give yourself the best possible chance of fathering a child. Well, the work doesn’t stop with the surgeon.

Potential fathers should look carefully at their diet if they want to improve their fertility, which could mean a radical lifestyle change in some cases. It means ditching the processed foods and focusing on a clean and balanced diet that includes the following:

Carbohydrates – wholegrain starchy food.

Protein – meat, fish and pulses can help provide […]

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