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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Is your phone nuking your sperm?

male fertilityIf you have gone through the process of vasectomy reversal, or if you’re thinking about it, then the chances are you want to father more children. If that’s the case then it might be time to take care of the small details, like taking your phone out of your pocket.

Ever since mobile phones shrunk to the size where they could fit in your pocket, there have been anecdotal links to infertility. Of course the reasoning was simple, your testes are effectively outside the body because their optimum operating […]

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What are anti-sperm antibodies?

vasectomy reversalIf you’re hoping to conceive after a vasectomy reversal then you might have heard the term anti-sperm antibodies being bandied about. So just what exactly are anti-sperm antibodies, and should you be worried about them affecting your fertility in the long run?

Anti-sperm antibodies are created by the body as an immune response against sperm, and all sorts of different things can trigger their secretion. This does include, but is not limited to, vasectomy procedures; keen cyclists and those who have suffered previous trauma to the area can also […]

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Are your Christmas Pants affecting your fertility?

loose fitting pantsThere are numerous wonderful things about the festive period, and some traditions we all look forward to – like mince pies by the fire, hanging up stockings, and arguing over who makes the best gravy. Some traditions aren’t so well-loved – the obligatory underwear gift, for example – but they appear under the tree every year regardless. When someone else is buying your underwear you don’t have much control over the fit, which is why purchasing your own can be more important than you think. So what do we […]

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