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How to prepare for vasectomy reversal surgery

vasectomy reversal

Preparing for any kind of surgery is about making sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Because of this, there are a number of preparations which are an important part of the pre-surgery process. You should always seek professional advice on your personal preparation, but here are some general tips which apply to the […]

An easier way to pay for your vasectomy reversal

vasectomy reversal

Here at the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we like to make sure the whole process of reversing a vasectomy runs smoothly from start to finish. A frequently-asked question is “how much does a vasectomy reversal cost?” This is why we are offering patients an easy way to pay. Our Save and Pay facility enables you to […]

How to decide if you’re ready for a vasectomy reversal

vasectomy reversal

Whether or not to opt for a vasectomy reversal is a major decision. The choice can be difficult for many people. There are several questions that you need to tackle when deciding whether you are ready for a vasectomy reversal. To help make the choice easier, we’ve compiled a list that will help you understand […]

The breakfast shake to boost your sperm

Gymgoers have long taken protein shakes packed with all kinds of nutrients to get themselves fighting fit after a hard session. In a way, following a vasectomy reversal, you’re trying to do the same thing. You are, of course, trying to strengthen an entirely different kind of muscle, but you can influence the amount and […]