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Chill out! Vasectomy reversal recovery tips

vasectomy reversal

Giving your body enough time to rest and heal following your vasectomy reversal is a hugely important part of the recovery process. You’ll need to take at least one week off to chill out and recuperate, advises Mr Harriss, and two if your job is particularly physical. But as dreamy as a week off can […]

How to decide where to have your vasectomy reversal

vasectomy reversal

Not all clinics that perform vasectomy reversals have the same rate of success, so it’s vital to do research before deciding who you can trust to give you the best chance of restoring your fertility.Listed below are a number of questions you should ask before committing to surgery, and all reputable clinics should be able […]

Why we perform your vasectomy reversal under general anaesthetic

vasectomy reversal

Your vasectomy reversal will be performed under a general anaesthetic applied by an expert anaesthetist. This is for your comfort and safety, and improves the chances of success in your operation. In this blog post we will elaborate on why general anaesthetic will make your reverse vasectomy experience as positive as possible! Firstly, it is […]

Single? Considering a vasectomy reversal?

Many men who have had a vasectomy wait until they are in a relationship with someone they want to have children with before they start thinking about reversal. But is this really the best course of action? For some men, it may be wiser to have a vasectomy reversal while they are single or still […]