3 Male Infertility Myths Debunked

male infertility mythsAfter undergoing a vasectomy reversal, you might be worried about infertility. There are plenty of rumours and male infertility myths circulating on the internet, so don’t believe everything you read. To give you a helping hand and peace of mind, we’ve debunked three of them major male infertility myths out there.

Myth 1: healthy men will have 100% healthy sperm

This is simply not true. Many men who have had vasectomy reversals get worried by this statistic, but don’t let it affect you. In reality, only 14% of many men’s sperm can be considered perfectly healthy in all aspects, including shape, size and the ability to move properly. Don’t believe any of the 100% statistics, they are just not true.

Myth 2: smoking won’t affect fertility

Again, this is simply not true. In fact, according to the British Medical Association, smoking can decrease fertility by between 10-40%. If you’ve recently had a vasectomy reversal and are worried about infertility, of the three male fertility myths discussed here, stopping smoking is a great way to increase fertility.

Myth 3: weight and diet don’t affect fertility

Despite what some people might tell you, weight and diet can have a significant effect on male fertility. Overweight and obese males display high estrogen and low testosterone levels, two of the major factors that can lead to a lower sperm count. Additionally, overweight men also display a decreased libido. You should calculate your BMI (body mass index) to ascertain whether you’re overweight, this will also give you a target to work towards. Make sure you get lots of exercise and eat healthily. Diet plays a major role in shaping your body – it may sound clichéd, but you really are what you eat. You might not be surprised to hear that fatty, unhealthy foods can have an adverse effect on fertility.

What is surprising to some people, though, is that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can increase fertility. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, grains and pulses, and try to avoid excessive carbohydrates.

There you have it, three male infertility myths debunked, and some tips for increasing fertility after a vasectomy reversal. For more information about fertility and vasectomy reversal, call us at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre today.