3 vasectomy reversal ‘risks’ you should stop worrying about

vasectomy reversal risksUndergoing any form of medical procedure can be daunting and stressful. Sadly, vasectomy reversals are no exception. If you’re currently preparing yourself for a vasectomy reversal, it’s entirely natural for you to feel worried. There are several common concerns that people tend to fixate on because they are worried about their vasectomy reversal operation. We’d like to put you at ease by showing you that these concerns aren’t as huge as they seem. Without further ado, here are three things you should stop worrying about prior to your vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy Reversal Risks 1: Anti-sperm antibodies

We’ve written about these before, but there’s an enormous amount of confusion and misinformation surrounding them. It’s true that many men have high levels of these antibodies after undergoing a vasectomy reversal operation. It’s also true that they appear to affect fertility in a small number of these men. However, for many more men, anti-sperm antibodies seem to have little or no effect on fertility. In fact, many of our patients with very high anti-sperm antibodies counts have been able to help their partner conceive within five months of their operation. So don’t worry: the risk that you will have your vasectomy reversed, only to discover that you’re infertile anyway, is negligible.

Vasectomy Reversal Risks 2: Injury

Some men worry about the safety of the reversal procedure itself. They fret that it might lead to injury or permanent physical damage. This is a perfectly natural concern, but it is also unfounded. Our surgeon, Mr. Harriss, performs approximately 500 successful vasectomy reversals a year. Provided that you take the recovery process slowly and follow Mr. Harriss’s advice, there’s no reason for your vasectomy reversal to cause physical problems.

Vasectomy Reversal Risks 3: Device-effected fertility

A great number of men are worried that their fertility can be affected by mod-cons such as laptops and similar devices. They wonder if they should try to avoid these machines following a vasectomy reversal. It’s true that studies have shown that the heat from laptops and over devices can affect fertility, but there’s no reason why this should affect vasectomy reversal patients more than other men. You simply need to take sensible precautions to protect your sperm from the heat generated by your devices, such as limiting the length of each session on your laptop, or placing it on a computer tray or mat, instead of directly on your lap.

The reality is that the vasectomy reversal risks are so small that they can be considered negligible in most cases. However, if you have any concerns that we have not alluded to here, feel free to contact us directly so we can set your mind at rest.