Chance of Success 9 Years After Vasectomy

9 years after vasectomyFor some men, they are concerned that 9 years after vasectomy, a reversal is not possible. Mr Duncan Harriss‘s latest audited results (June 2017) show that you would have at least a 90% chance of success after 9 years. Here are some testimonials from men in similar positions who have attended our clinic along with some of the semen analysis results that were obtained consequently. They are not necessarily the same men whose are shown and who sent in testimonials. We have over 850 testimonials some of which can be seen here, the remainder are on our sister site which can be accessed here.  

Some Positive Semen Analysis Results 9 Years After Vasectomy:

A 40 year old now has a sperm count of 14 million per ml A 37 year old now has a sperm count of 38 million per ml A 44 year old now has a sperm count of 18 million per ml A 43 year old now has a sperm count of 10 million per ml A 36 year old now has a sperm count of 39 million per ml A 39 year old now has a sperm count of 16 million per ml A 36 year old now has a sperm count of 58 million per ml A 34 year old now has a sperm count of 35 million per ml A 33 year old now has s sperm count of 30 million per ml  

Testimonials from Couples 9 Years After Vasectomy

These are all true and obtained from couples under Mr Harriss’s care. Records are kept of file. Hundreds of testimonials that have been received about Mr Harriss’s care and results, and over 100 Feefo independent feedback responses have been obtained of which 100% are excellent. The testimonials below are those relating to men who were 9 years post vasectomy:

* Vasectomy reversal 11th Jan 2010 BMI NottinghamGood morning Bev,Firstly I am writing to say that from contacting you right through to the sperm count test, I was treated in a kind, understanding and professional manner. Everything was explained to me in a clear and understandable way. I felt so at ease with the procedure and was made very comfortable after.The chances of my vasectomy reversal working after 9 years we were told were slim, but we looked around for the best and we found him. I would like to thank Mr Harriss and his team for giving us the first of our children due on the 23rd November 2010, my sperm count came back at an amazing 120million per ml. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Harriss and his team to anyone after all we thought we were going to have to go through IVF, ICSI or similar and we have been blessed with a miracle, which has made us the happiest people on the planet.Once again a BIG THANK YOU. G&K *I had my vasectomy reversal on the 6th september this year, 9 years after I had my vasectomy, doctor harris gave us 90% and after I had my op we was told that it went very well. 3 months later we are now 4 weeks pregnant, we cant thank mr harris enough for making our dream come true, we are having first scan in around 5 weeks and we will update then. J.W. * My Husband attended BMI park hospital in July 2011 and all the staff, receptionist, nurses and Mr Harriss made him feel comfortable and explained the procedure very well, his nerves were put at ease. The operation went well and he was discharged the next day. He did have some bruising and slight pain which he expected but took pain killers and rested.Even thought we then had a 3 hour drive home he was okay and just rested when we got home, he has a manual job so just took 2 weeks off work and then was more or less back to normal. Just received the sperm results and we were over the moon as got 81.7 million per ml so just keeping our fingers crossed and see what happens.We would defiantly recommend Mr Harriss and would like to give a big thankyou to all the staff involved A.C. * My husband had a vasectomy reversal on August 9th and less than 3 months later we found out that we are pregnant!!!! We did a LOT of research before we chose Duncan and we are truly blessed that we did. We flew from overseas as my husband had a vasectomy almost 9 years ago at the age of 35 during his first marriage. Due to the fact that his reversal was done quite a few years ago and that I am 39 years old we felt we had ONE shot and wanted it to be done by someone as talented as Duncan. Having read the testimonials from others helped us to make the decision to trust Mr Harriss and to have him do our reversal.I just had my first ultrasound today and hear my baby’s heartbeat and I still CAN NOT believe I am pregnant (my first pregnancy). We are almost at the 8 week mark and still have some time to go but wanted to share this amazing news with you as it truly is a miracle for us!!!!Thank you for being such a talented surgeon and thanks to your team at the hospital that made our stay very comfortable. Y.P. * Me and my husband would like to thank Dr Harris and staff at the clinic who done my husbands reversal in march 2012, 9 years after vasectomy and to let you know we are now 13 weeks pregnant with our first child together and over the moon. we cannot thank you enough for this wounderfull gift you have given us . thankyou K.N. * Hello Mr Harris, you performed a vasectomy reversal on me back in May. My partner and I have been trying for 5 months and we’ve just received great news in that my partner is 5 weeks pregnant. We did not think that it would happen this early as my partner suffers from PCOS. Many thanks for your help and we will keep you posted in the upcoming months. Due date is the 17 th July 2014. Regards and many thanks K.W.
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