A guide to vasectomy reversal post-operative care

vasectomy reversal post-operative careWhile a vasectomy reversal is a very minor operation, there are a few things that you must bear in mind, as well as a few precautions you must take to ensure a swift and effective recovery. You should be able to perform most aspects of your care yourself, so you shouldn’t need much in the way of professional assistance, but if there’s someone nearby, they can probably aid by plumping the odd pillow or two.

Our Vasectomy Reversal Post-operative Care Tips


Rest is the first thing you should be thinking about. The groin is a tender area that is heavily affected by physical exertion. Put your feet up for at least a week and let the area heal. This doesn’t mean that you should remain bed bound, but try not to lift anything at all or be on your feet for longer than a few minutes. This is the vital time when the rejoin starts healing internally so any lifting of any kind or exertion can undo all the hard work.


Make sure you understand the need for taking any pain medications. Although the side effects are generally mild, everybody is affected differently. Do not attempt to do anything unless you’re completely confident in your abilities and at least two weeks has passed by. Some medications can cause constipation. If this occurs, try not to push and cause undue strain to the area, instead use a laxative medication.

Keep in contact

We have a website dedicated to aftercare advice. It is full of vasectomy reversal post-operative care advice.  There are many helpful tips and you can always email us too if you have any concerns.

Eat well

Your body will be recovering so ensure you give it all the nutrients it needs to do the job. This includes plenty of fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, lots of good lean meat for protein to rebuild the tissues, and good carbohydrates for energy. An important vasectomy reversal post-operative care focus should be to drink plenty of water to help your body flush away any toxins and by-products of recovery and try and avoid alcohol.

Keep clean

Follow Mr Harriss’s advice regarding bathing and keeping your wound clean. Avoiding infection is important and a rare side effect. If you are at all concerned, you can contact us for advice.

Keep an eye on the area

Complications are extremely rare, but you must still watch out for any signs of a problem. Any excess pain or swelling should be reported immediately. Also look out for bleeding, either from the wound site. We are not disappearing and are here to help. Please remember us if you have any questions.

The vast majority of patients recover perfectly from using our vasectomy reversal post-operative care advice. If you sit back and relax, everything should go just fine.