A Healthy Diet After Vasectomy Reversal

diet after vasectomy reversalIf you’ve gone to the trouble of having a vasectomy reversal then you almost certainly want to give yourself the best possible chance of fathering a child. Well, the work doesn’t stop with the surgeon. Your diet after vasectomy reversal is very important.

Potential fathers should look carefully at their diet if they want to improve their fertility, which could mean a radical lifestyle change in some cases. It means ditching the processed foods and focusing on a clean and balanced diet.

What Is Needed In A Diet After Vasectomy Reversal

Carbohydrates – wholegrain starchy food.

Protein – meat, fish and pulses can help provide the protein you need.

Low-fat dairy – milk, yoghurt and other produce can do wonders.

Fruit and vegetables – there is simply no better source of vitamins and minerals than fresh food.

However, you want to look beyond the basic food groups as there are certain vitamins and minerals, to include in your diet after vasectomy reversal, that will give your sperm a boost and ensure they’re in the best possible condition.

Low levels of Zinc and Selenium have been linked to infertility in men, so look into a supplement or stock up on brazil nuts, bread, eggs, meat and fish. Zinc, meanwhile, is found in baked beans, dark chicken meat and minced beef.

Vitamin D has also been credited with helping fertility, so get a regular portion of oily fish, margarine, breakfast cereals and even a supplement. Folate, otherwise known as vitamin B9, is also important. It’s the natural form of folic acid and can be found in broccoli, spinach and sprouts. It is also added to a number of breakfast cereals.

Antioxidants can also help to combat free radicals that have been linked to membrane damage, which can also contribute to low-quality sperm and a low sperm count. A diet after vasectomy reversal requires eating a high amount of fruit and vegetables to provide the recommended intake of antioxidants. Make sure that blueberries, thought to be especially high in antioxidants, are included.

If you’re overweight, you might also want to look at a restricted diet and an exercise programme to shed the unwanted pounds and get you totally fighting fit. These kinds of radical changes will do wonders for your health generally and they will also ensure your sperm are in peak condition, giving you the best possible chance of fathering a child.