A lifestyle guide for maintaining healthy sperm

sperm healthIf you’re thinking about having a vasectomy reversal, the quality of your sperm is a vitally important factor for your future plans. As a man ages, the quality of his sperm gradually declines, and there are many simple lifestyle factors that can drastically affect this. Many of these may seem obvious, while others are sometimes overlooked…

Our Top Tips For Maintaining Healthy Sperm

Cut down on alcohol

Most people in the western world like to take a few drinks every now and then. This is fine, in moderation, as with many normal vices, but when drinking alcohol becomes a regular habit, your sperm will be affected. Alcohol places a lot of stress on the whole body, and can knock your chemistry out of kilter. Regular excessive drinking plays havoc with your hormone levels, especially testosterone, a hormone vital for male health and vitality.

Stop smoking

Like drinking alcohol, smoking places a huge stress on the body. While vaporising may cut out some of these toxins, it is worth noting that nicotine has been associated with lower sperm counts, and abnormal sperm.

Stay away from drugs

Following on from the two previous points, illegal drugs cause drastic changes within the body that lead to inferior sperm quality. Cannabis, a drug that is gaining more social acceptability, has also been linked to lowered sperm counts. Some common, over the counter medications, such as paracetamol, can also have an adverse affect, so use these only when absolutely necessary. Anabolic steroids directly affect the male reproductive organs, as well as causing irreversible damage to other parts of the body. Maintaining healthy sperm requires avoidance of all chemicals as much as possible.

Eat a healthy diet

Ditching the junk food and eating a more healthy, well-rounded diet is vitally important for fertility. Make sure that your body is getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, as well as staying adequately hydrated. This is one of the key factors, to eat healthily, in maintaining healthy sperm.

Keep fit & having a normal BMI.

Keeping yourself fit helps to keep your hormone levels in check. Carrying excess fat places a huge strain on the body and affects your blood chemistry. Having a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) has also shown a relationship between sperm health.

Keep them cool

Keeping your testicles cool helps to promote healthy sperm production. Wear loose clothing wherever possible, and don’t spend too long in the hot tub or sauna. Also be aware of heat sources such as laptops.

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