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About Mr Duncan Harriss’s Vasectomy Reversal Centre

The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is based in Nottingham and is run by Mr Duncan Harriss, Consultant Urological Surgeon DM FRCS (Urol).

Mr Harriss has been a consultant urological surgeon since August 1997 and since 1998, he has performed vasectomy reversal surgery. He is employed by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and is the senior surgeon at the Nottingham Urology Centre. Whilst working in the NHS, he sub-specialises on bladder and prostate cancer and he has completed all re-validation (last completed in November 2017) and appraisals that the NHS require to continue operating both in the NHS and the private sector. In his free time, separate from the NHS, he performs micro-surgical vasectomy reversal in the private sector at the BMI Park Hospital on men throughout the UK and beyond.

As a junior doctor, Mr Harriss was asked to perform vasectomy reversal (whilst the NHS still agreed to pay for this surgery) and realised that the procedure posed difficulties without a microscope. It was normal that there was no microscope and indeed, this is reflected in the low success rates still found on the NHS website today.

During some specialist training in Denver, Colorado (U.S.), Duncan Harriss was taught how to perform a micro-surgical vasectomy reversal using a single – layer technique using a microscope and brought this skill back to his practice in Nottingham. Since 1998, Duncan Harriss has performed over 4000 of these procedures where the majority of men have regained their fertility. Many babies have been born subsequently.

Due to the high number of patients that have visited Duncan Harriss for their reversal surgery, he is able to perform regular audits of the percentage of men who have had a positive semen analysis at three months post-operatively. These figures are analysed for all from the time since vasectomy and can be found here.

Duncan Harriss is a member of British Association of Urological Surgeons. He is a member of the Urology Specialist Register (awarded April 1997). His GMC number is 3125380. He has been an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons Intercollegiate Board during the period 2006 – 2011.

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