vasectomy reversal recovery

Vasectomy Reversal Recovery Is So Important.

The vasectomy reversal recovery period is very important. Here are some factors to think about when you are planning the best date for surgery.

1. Everyone Needs One Week’s Rest.

This is really important. Mr Harriss always advises a week’s rest after vasectomy reversal surgery as this is when the body is trying to heal itself. Rest allows this healing to take place. During the first week the rejoin that Mr Harriss has made, using stitches so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye, has to be given a chance to “knit” together. This week is a restful week, eating healthily to maximise the chance of a successful rejoin quickly.

We advise men to re-aquiant themselves with their sofa and watch daytime tv or read books 🙂

However, we do know that not everyone can actually to work for a week, especially those who run their own businesses. We therefore ask that you try and have a calm week, still at home, resting on the sofa but you can take calls and answer emails

Questions that have been asked about this week:

  1. Can I make my own drinks? Yes, you can and things like toast. We don’t expect you to be making large meals, if you can at all help it.
  2. Can I still do the school run? Yes, if you can get your children to get into the car by themselves and they can lift their bags into the car themselves.
  3. Can I do the supermarket shop? If you can avoid it, this will be so much better for you. You also won’t be able to lift the bags.
  4. Can I go on a walking holiday? No, far too strenuous. The vasectomy reversal recovery period requires you to sit/lie and rest.
  5. Can I go to a wedding? This question was aimed at an event taking place 5 days post-op. The answer was “Yes” but to sit as much as possible.
  6. Can I have two days off instead – it would suit me better. No, Mr Harriss may not perform your surgery is he knows that this is your intention. A week means a week.
  7. Can I go to the gym? No, I’m afraid not. Rest is important to aid healing. Anything you do at the gym could pull the stitches apart and undo the surgery.

2. Some People Need Two Weeks Rest

If you have a physical job where you have to lift or pull, or even do neither but wear a harness to be lifted, then you will definitely need two weeks off work. To give you an idea, those occupations that require a two week vasectomy reversal recovery period are policemen, lorry drivers (pulling up into the cab can undo the surgery), rig workers, firemen, gardeners, prison staff, physical trainers, plumbers, mechanics, scaffolders.

The two week period is so important for these men and those will similarly physical occupations because each time you lift, you use abdominal muscles which do push down on the pelvic region. The aim here is to prevent pushing on the rejoin and any damage occurring.

Questions that have been asked about the need for a second week

  1. I work on the rigs – will I need a second week to recover? Yes , if there is any physical aspect to your work.
  2. I am a police officer, on the beat – Yes, you will need a second week
  3. I’m a plumber and have to lift. Then you will certainly need a second week off work
  4. I do a lot of driving but need to get equipment in and out of the van. The driving is not an issue but the lifting is. If you can have help for a week, so that other person can do all the lifting, then you can go back to work after a week. If not. you will need 2 weeks off.
  5. I don’t have a physical job but can I walk the dog? This really depends on the breed, how boisterous the dog is and how much it pulls. So if they pull on the lead, the answer is no. Please get someone else to handle the dog. A gentle walk, as long as it is not uncomfortable, will be good exercise for you.


3. Four Weeks of No Sport

During the first month, Mr Harriss will strongly advise you to not go to the gym, to not go jogging and to stop all forms of additional exercise apart from walking. This  is just following on from allowing your body to heal well and exerting any part of it.

Questions asked about exercise

  1. If I don’t do much at the gym can I still go? Please try not to go. These weeks post-op are crucial to recovery. Your body does really need to relax and not be trained.
  2. Can I cycle to work? We would advise that you don’t cycle until you feel totally comfortable to do so.


4. No Swimming

Chlorine is terrible for wounds so we would advise not swimming in chlorinated water for at least 4-6 weeks after surgery. This is vital for a successful vasectomy reversal recovery. The longer the better. Chlorine actually causes open or newly healed wounds to break down so this is why we ask you to avoid swimming if at all possible.

Questions asked about swimming;

  1. Can we go on holiday during the first or second week, to take advantage of the annual leave being used? We totally understand your reasoning here but we would strongly advise you not to go. Not only will it be hotter (most people have planned a sit-by-the-pool type holiday) and therefore be a better place for bacteria to grow, but the chlorine will most certainly be in the water.

5. No Intercourse

Yes, no intercourse and no ejaculation for two weeks after vasectomy reversal surgery. This is vital to let the rejoins heal. After two weeks if you feel comfortable, then you can intercourse as often as you like. The more the better but please abstain for two weeks. We did have someone who couldn’t wait and they felt a twang as one of the rejoins came apart. They then had to repay to have the surgery redone. So the two week wait means two weeks.

The Best Vasectomy Reversal Recovery Advice

Please read the above page and follow the advice. We know that you will have invested a significant sum for the surgery to take place. We want you to have an uneventful recovery and for you to do your part of the recovery so that you also maximise the chance of success. We do have a specific website for post-operative vasectomy reversal care and you may wish to have a look.

If you have any questions about recovery or any other aspect of having a vasectomy reversal, please find our contact details below:

Phone Us on 0115 837 0300 (days) or 0800 559 3922 (evenings & weekends).

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