Are There Any Natural Ways To Reverse A Vasectomy

A Question We Are Regularly Asked: Are There Natural Ways To Reverse A Vasectomy

natural ways to reverse a vasectomyWhen men make a conscious decision to undergo a vasectomy, they often do so with the understanding that they will have some options in the future to reverse the procedure and once again be able to have a child. Since there are various surgical methods to separate the vas deferens, the duct that carry the spermatozoa to the main duct that releases the ejaculate fluid, some people believe there are non-surgical methods to enable their partners to become fertile again.

While there have been medical cases involving couples who unexpectedly conceived even after the man decided to have his vas deferens surgically snipped, there are no natural ways to reverse a vasectomy, at least not in the sense that physicians would do it. When pondering about natural ways to reverse a vasectomy, it is important to mention that for many years, a single surgical method was the cause of unforeseen pregnancies.

So what happened?

There are a group of people, aged around 60, who are all the result of a failed vasectomy. This happened because the original method of vasectomy was just to cut or “snip” the vas deferens in half. What wasn’t known or fully understood, was the human body’s intense healing response. In these failed vasectomies, the two ends of the vas deferens found their way back together and rejoined by themselves enabling the passage of sperm.

Understanding that the human body has a tendency to heal itself, men were unaware of this healing process taking place inside their reproductive organs. Although this could be considered to be a natural reversal method, it cannot be controlled and is largely unpredictable.

Preventing natural rejoins

As can be imagined, failed vasectomies were often cause for lengthy and expensive litigation; therefore, the surgical methods were revised to avoid this issue. The vas deferens can now be separated by minimally invasive means that may not involve a scalpel at all; these vasectomies can be performed with laser instruments, and the ducts may also be tied, stapled or cauterized to ensure that pregnancies are not accidentally caused.

Successful Vasectomy Reversals

When performed correctly, vasectomies can be reversed by skilled surgeons. There is only one vasectomy situation that creates permanent and irreversible contraception, and that is when it must be performed simultaneously with an inguinal hernia repair.

In the end, although there are no natural ways to reverse a vasectomy, this procedure can be reversed when handled by the right urological surgeon such as Mr Harriss. Depending on the method used to separate the vas deferens, modern reversal procedures can be performed in a minimally invasive manner.