Are your Christmas Pants affecting your fertility?

loose fitting pantsThere are numerous wonderful things about the festive period, and some traditions we all look forward to – like mince pies by the fire, hanging up stockings, and arguing over who makes the best gravy. Some traditions aren’t so well-loved – the obligatory underwear gift, for example – but they appear under the tree every year regardless. When someone else is buying your underwear you don’t have much control over the fit, which is why purchasing your own can be more important than you think. So what do we know about how the fit of your underwear can affect your sperm count?

Temperature matters

There’s a good reason your testes are located on the outside of your body, and that’s because they must remain at a temperature lower than your core body temperature in order to remain healthy. The common consensus is that loose boxers allow for testicles to hang low enough as to maintain the correct temperature, but tight underwear means they sit too close to your body and their temperature increases. This leads to a lower sperm count and reduced fertility.

How much truth is in it?

Tests have been conducted for decades that have tried to ascertain whether tight underwear really does affect fertility. Some studies have shown that wearing very tight underwear can have such a severe effect that after only a few months of wearing them, the sperm count in a man’s ejaculate can hit zero in many cases. Other larger studies have seen almost no difference in sperm production in healthy men. So what can we take forward?

Firstly, we know that temperature and sperm count are closely related, so keeping your testicles cool is crucial. From this, the rest should be about personal comfort. If your underwear causes your genitals to feel constrained and uncomfortable, it’s time to make a change. If you find that you feel hot in that area, it’s time to make a change. Science may not be able to give a definitive answer on this one, but you should always trust your instincts when it comes to genital health. It’s time to switch to boxer shorts.

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