baby after vasectomy

A Baby After Vasectomy Is Possible.

Every year many men have a vasectomy for a variety of reasons. Some of those men regret the decision and others meet new partners who are often keen to know whether it will be possible to have a baby at any point in the future.

We have many couples who have come to us for vasectomy reversal surgery and gone on to have a child. We have over 850 genuine testimonials and more feedback on our facebook page for you to see.


Vasectomy Reversal Surgery: Option 1

Vasectomy Reversal: this is a sophisticated operation where the ends of the tubes, the vas deferens, that were cut during the vasectomy are rejoined using skill and experience. This is a micro-surgical procedure which means that the operation has to be performed under the use of a microscope. This is because the tubes are very fine and the stitches used are finer than a hair. It is altogether a totally different procedure to the vasectomy. Urological surgeons would always perform this procedure under a general anaesthetic and you would need to have at least a week off work. Mr Harriss, consultant urological surgeon at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, would always add that if your job is physical in any way, then you would need to have two weeks off work to recover.

The chances of having a baby after vasectomy by having a vasectomy reversal revert to normal. This means that assuming that the vasectomy reversal is successful, you would have a normal chance of conceiving a child as any couple would in the general population. In other words, your chances of conceiving would be the same as with a couple who had not had a vasectomy. There is much scientific evidence to support this. Age is not a factor but the length of time after vasectomy could be and Mr Harriss’s success rates can give you idea. Generally up to 20 years after vasectomy, the odds are on your side t have a successful outcome and regain your fertility.

The most positive factor of having a vasectomy reversal is that you can conceive naturally and allowing nature to play its role. This way it is more fun and enjoyable to conceive your baby after vasectomy. Whilst it is not possible to have this procedure on the NHS (as unfortunately it is considered an elective procedure to correct an operation you chose to have), here at the Vasectomy Reversal Centre we have a fixed price cost and a finance scheme to assist you.

IVF: Option 2

To consider IVF as a possibility of having a baby after vasectomy without a reversal. Mr Harriss is not a fertility doctor, he is a consultant urological surgeon and for this reason does not treat women (and this is why he is not able to show pregnancy rates as there would be a implication that he had treated the women who became pregnant). There are many IVF clinics around the UK. We are affiliated with CARE Fertility who have a highly respected reputation. All our semen analysis is performed there.

The IVF route would involve surgical extraction of semen and treatment of the female who would have to take fertility enhancing and cycle controlling medication. Some women can have significant side effects from these drugs. It is clinical by the nature of the treatment, significantly more expensive (starting from around £5000 with medications being another £1500 or so on top) and by no means a certainty to having a baby. There is also concern over the increased risk of abnormalities.

We have had a couple of people come to us after failed IVF, they have had a vasectomy reversal wit Mr Harriss and have then gone on to conceive naturally and have a baby.

So it is possible. We can help you along your journey and answer any questions that you may have. We are totally non-judgmental and have lots of experience.

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