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Booking Your Vasectomy Reversal

Having so many years of experience of working out what people want, we have simple booking procedures with straightforward vasectomy reversal booking choices. Due to the many couples coming long distance for surgery and from abroad, we enable the opportunity to meet Mr Harriss and have your vasectomy reversal on the same day or you can come and meet him for a consultation to return on a later date.

Often the response is surprise. We are here to assist you booking your surgery.

Many people say how straightforward our vasectomy reversal booking system is. We do not ask for a GP referral, it is not necessary. We are also non-judgmental as there are many different reasons, some private, as to why a man or a couple may seek a vasectomy reversal.

We also know that people like the transparency of our booking choices so that they feel in control.

Your Booking Choices

If you decide that you want to come to Nottingham for one visit, where you meet Mr Harriss and have your vasectomy reversal surgery on the same date, then you can book with us using the following ways:

Ring us on 0115 837 0300
Email Us
Book online via our Booking System which shows availability in real time.

You also have the choice of whether you want to come first for a clinic consultation to return at a later date for the vasectomy reversal.

The choice is yours.



Phone us on 0115 837 0300 (days) or 0800 559 3922 (evenings and weekends)

“We’re a friendly, helpful team!”