reverse a vasectomyWe Are Often Asked Can A Guy Reverse A Vasectomy?

The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is frequently asked questions based on the false fact of “can a guy reverse a vasectomy”. We have enabled many hundreds of couples to conceive after vasectomy reversal despite apparent concerns as whether it is possible to reverse a vasectomy. There is much misinformation on the internet and because we have significant experience, our experience finds that most couples have a successful vasectomy reversal.

1. time since vasectomy –

We have never not been able to reverse a vasectomy due to the length of time since vasectomy. This means that technically, Mr Harriss has met no problems preventing him from re-attaching the vas deferent on both sides, in men of all ages. So is it possible to reverse a vasectomy – yes!

2. low sperm counts –

It is not known what the sperm count was prior to the initial vasectomy, but we do give advice on diet to help raise the count as much as possible. In our experience, the motility of the sperm (the number swimming well) is the key factor, rather than the sperm count. Couples have been surprised that their initial thoughts of not being able to reverse a vasectomy, have not come true. We have many testimonials to support this.

3. sperm antibodies –

These are produced by the vasectomy. We have had couples conceive with 100% antibodies. Not enough is known about this mechanism as yet.

4. low motility –

Following our Pro-sperm diet, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol content all helps sperm to be more active. A pregnancy can be achieved with a low motility counts

5. age of male –

This has not been a barrier to a successful vasectomy reversal.

6. negative opinions of GPs and inexperienced surgeons –

This has been a huge barrier to people choosing to reverse a vasectomy. In our experience, we have had couples visiting their GP asking “can a guy reverse a vasectomy”? With the best of intentions, the GP has told them that there they can’t reverse a vasectomy. This is wrong – please ask us. We have had couples so shocked by the news that they have put off any further thought about a reversal until they have found our site. This is one of the key reasons that we do not involve GPs in the process, and do not need a referral from them either. Similarly, couples have visited more local surgeons to be told that a vasectomy reversal can only be done with a very low success rate. As all reversal of vasectomy need to be performed micro-surgically, it is a key concern.

7. failed previous IVF/ICSI

Although we do not provide fertility treatment for couples (including the women) as Mr Harriss is a consultant urological surgeon and not an IVF doctor, we offer advice as to whether a vasectomy reversal is the best course of treatment. We have had couples come to us after failed ICSI to conceive after they chose to reverse a vasectomy.


We have had many couples conceive after vasectomy reversal as can be seen in our gallery of photos.

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