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Semen analysis can be a vital part of having a vasectomy reversal as this indicates whether the surgery has been successful or not.

Why you don’t need to be nervous about semen analysis

The most common reason men have for undergoing vasectomy reversal is to recover their fertility and have children. After a vasectomy reversal, you may therefore be worried about the fertility of your sperm. This is a very common concern, but it’s also very easy to address – all you have to do is undergo semen […]

How to choose the best lab to analyse your sperm sample

A vasectomy reversal is all about regaining your fertility, and the potential to add to your family. Analysing your semen after a procedure is a vital part of the process. A sample must be analysed by trained and accredited embryologists or pathology staff, and the analysis must be carried out in a World Health Organisation-accredited […]