Chill out! Vasectomy reversal recovery tips

vasectomy reversal recovery tipsGiving your body enough time to rest and heal following your vasectomy reversal is a hugely important part of the recovery process so these vasectomy reversal recovery tips are important to understand and take note of. You’ll need to take at least one week off to chill out and recuperate, advises Mr Harriss, and two if your job is particularly physical.

But as dreamy as a week off can sound when you’re rushed off your feet juggling work, a family, a social life and that all important weekly game of squash, the reality of being instructed to sit still for days on end can sometimes make you go a little stir crazy. Here are a few vasectomy reversal recovery tips you can prepare pre-op to make your post-op recovery that little bit easier whilst sports and long walks are off limits.

1) Fill the fridge

You shouldn’t be doing a big food shop or cooking complicated meals whilst you’re recovering, but you’re fine to make snacks or light meals such as toast. A big vasectomy reversal recovery tip is to head to the supermarket before your vasectomy reversal and stock the cupboards with all of your favourite, easy to prepare foods to ensure you’ve got lots of delicious things to enjoy when you get home.

2) Stock up on entertainment

A week on the sofa will fly by if you’ve got a stack of books on the coffee table and some new series ready to binge watch on Netflix. Scour the internet for recommendations of reading materials or must-see films and treat yourself with an Amazon order in the weeks before your vasectomy reversal.

3) Catch up with friends or family

The stiller you can stay the better, so it’s a great idea to invite friends or family to come to you for a cup of tea and to keep you company. Give them a call before your trip to the vasectomy reversal clinic and get a date in their diary.

The main reason for these vasectomy reversal recovery tips

Proper rest will prevent any pushing on the rejoin and the associated damage that can occur as a result. A few simple preparations pre-op will prevent boredom and make you much more likely to give your body the time it needs to fully recover. The last thing you want is for those micro-surgical sutures that can only be seen with a microscope, to tear apart.

We also have a dedicated website full of vasectomy reversal recovery tips and care for you which you can access after surgery should you need it. Contact us today if you need more information.