Chrysalis Finance for your Vasectomy Reversal.

chrysalis finance for vasectomy reversal

What is it?

This is a new method of finance (2020) available to anyone having a vasectomy reversal procedure.

Who is eligible for it?

It is available to everyone PLUS those who have been unsuccessful in their application for a BMI Payment Plan Card.

chrysalis finance

How do I apply for it?

The application process of Chrysalis finance for your vasectomy reversal is slightly different to that of the Bmi Finance (BMI Payment Plan card) where you need to have an EMPI number as part of your application. This is a unique number that is given to you when your details are added to our hospital system. It ensures that your notes of treatment and care follow you and you do not become confused, for example, with someone of the same name.

How to Obtain your EMPI Number

To enable an easy application for Chrysalis Finance for your vasectomy reversal, we have devised a short form for you to complete to enable you to obtain this EMPI number. Once you are registered on our system, we will email you back with your unique EMPI number to enable the completion of your Chrysalis application.

Here is the link to the EMPI registration form: Please complete it if you want an EMPI number.

NB. Please allow a working day for your EMPI number to be sent back to you. We will work hard to ensure that you have this as soon as possible.


Once you have this EMPI number, it can then be used by yourself, by a family relative or friend to apply for the credit on your behalf if you are worried that you may not be successful.

Here is the link to the Chrysalis Finance application page (scroll down to Fixed Monthly Repayments).

How do Chrysalis assess your credit?

We understand that the criteria that are used to assess your likelihood for credit are slightly different to the BMI Payment Plan card and not based on points.

We also understand that a credit mark will go on your file but whatever the outcome for your application, that mark will not say if you were accepted or declined for credit.

If you have any questions about the Chrysalis credit, their number is 0333 32 32 230.