Discussing your vasectomy reversal with your partner

vasectomy reversalThe decision whether to grow your family or not is one of the most important that any couple can make. It is vital that you are both in complete agreement before you proceed with a vasectomy reversal. Even raising the issue can take delicate handling.

Making the choice whether or not to bring new life into the world is a hugely emotional one which both partners need to be entirely comfortable with, so it’s vital that you take your time and come to a joint decision. Even the initial raising of the issue can cause emotions to run high, so ensure you choose the right moment. Neither of you should be stressed about other issues, uncomfortable with the surroundings or overtired. In all conversations, there are three things that you must do: be honest about how you feel; be open to the possibility that your partner may have different feelings and be entirely rational about the pros and cons of your ultimate decision.

Be honest

Good relationships are built on honesty. Everybody has strong feelings on whether or not to have more children and if your relationship is to last, you can’t bottle these up. Be honest with your partner about why you want a vasectomy reversal and be calm and patient while they are honest with you in return.

Be open

How will you react if your partner feels differently? Is this make or break for your relationship? Good partnerships are built on the ability to agree or to compromise but deciding whether or not to have more children is one area where compromise is simply not possible. Some couples need a little extra help in reaching an agreement through involving family – maybe existing children have a strong view- or a couple’s counsellor.

Be rational

When emotions are running high, it’s easy to forget about the practical aspects of having children. Can you afford another baby? Will you have to make major changes to your lifestyle? Are there any health implications? What about work? While it’s often difficult to be rational about something so emotive, the act of making a list of pros and cons can ultimately help you to detach a little and come to the right conclusion for your situation and relationship.

When you and your partner agree that a vasectomy reversal is the right choice for you, our Nottingham clinic will be delighted to help. Many of our clients choose to have the procedure on the same day as their consultation but you can also come and meet Mr Harriss for an initial consultation if you have any concerns or need further help in making your decision. Give us a call today for free, impartial advice or to book an appointment.