Exploring the reasons for vasectomy reversal

Though men should consider a vasectomy a permanent decision, it is possible for a vasectomy reversal to restore fertility in those men who change their minds. Some common reasons for a reversal include;

– Remarriage / new relationship
– Failed IVF treatment
– Post vasectomy pain

At The Vasectomy Reversal Centre in Nottingham, we would like to reassure you that regardless of how long it has been since your operation, vasectomy reversal can still be effective – even after very long periods of time, such as 25 years for instance.

An example of how effective a reversal procedure can be is demonstrated by the following case study. A patient visited us 16 years after his vasectomy, and after a reversal, he and his partner became pregnant. In this case a previous surgery prevented repair to one side and yet we were able to achieve a sperm count of 31 million and a motility of 3%; this couple are currently awaiting the birth of their child just over a year after the reversal.

Though many clinics offer the vasectomy reversal procedure, it should be noted that the success of any reversal operation (in terms of achieving pregnancy) is highly dependent on several factors:

– How experienced your surgeon is
– The age and fertility level of the female partner
– How much time has elapsed since the vasectomy was carried out
– The quality of equipment used during the surgery
– The after surgery care team

In rare cases, a man may desire a vasectomy reversal to feel normal again. And some men do suffer from post vasectomy pain syndrome which carries with it chronic constant pain that can have wide-reaching effects.  We have some testimonials on our site from others who have responded well to a vasectomy reversal to assist with this debilitating pain.

Whatever your reason for wanting a reversal we’re fully qualified and equipped to handle your case. Your first action should be to book a consultation at our Vasectomy Reversal Clinic in Nottingham to discuss your options and expected success rate.

Your initial consultation with Mr Harriss costs just £200 and is additional to the full cost of your vasectomy reversal. Most men decide that they can just meet with Mr Harriss on the day of surgery saving the time off work. However, if you have any questions, Mr Harriss is happy to answer emails prior to surgery.