What Others Say Is So Important

Here at the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we have several sources of feedback which all helps to give a rounded view of how Mr Harriss is as a person, how successful his surgery is and what others think of him and the hospital.

We have 3 main sources of feedback:


1. Testimonials

feedbackWe have over 850 testimonials. On this site, we have separated out some of the testimonials so that you can see  example of them by year since vasectomy.  This feedback is very valuable to us as it helps you see that we do what we say we do, and helps us improve our service. Here we have divided them up into year bands so that you can see examples of results together with some examples of testimonials from couples who came to Mr Harriss for their vasectomy reversal. Please select the appropriate year since vasectomy.

Please find specific testimonials and examples of results by clicking the year that is relevant to you in the following table:


2. Facebook

vasectomy reversal facebookPeople freely give their responses and views about results as they come through. We have nearly 950 people following our page and of which some have joined our private facebook group

You do not need to have an account on Facebook to see these. We have a page where you can see our latest posts. Or you can access our full page here.



3. Feefo

gold trusted serviceWe have employed the services of an independent review company, Feefo, to directly find out if people are happy with the nursing, care, the BMI Hospital and the whole experience of having a vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss. We have a very high satisfaction rating and many positive responses which can be seen on this page.

We have received over 600 responses and have been voted “Gold” by our customers over the last two years.

We are here to help you maximise your chances of success 10 years after vasectomy. To find out more about our process, please go to this page where you will find information about consultations, clinics, surgery and times.

In total, we have nearly 1500 testimonials all accounting for Mr Harriss’s care and outcomes.