Five Ways To Improve Male Fertility

male fertilityAfter a vasectomy reversal, it is normal that it will take some time to completely regain your fertility. While waiting can be annoying – especially when you are looking to conceive – the vasectomy reversal success rate is high, with the majority of those who undergo the procedure finding that their fertility levels go back to normal.

There are things that men can do, however, to boost their fertility levels naturally. Here are five of the top ways in which you can improve male fertility:

1. Stop smoking.

While it is commonly known that women should stop smoking when trying to conceive and when pregnant, the same is also true of men. Smoking can reduce the production of sperm and damage DNA, so quitting can make the chance of conception higher.

2. Exercise regularly.

Studies have shown that regular exercise can actually help to increase testosterone levels in the body and increase sperm production – as well as banishing stress, which is known to have a negative impact on fertility.

3. Choose the right foods.

Certain foods have been proven, via scientific studies, to affect fertility levels in men, and eating more of these foods could make it easier to conceive. Foods containing selenium can improve the motility of sperm, while magnesium can help improve fertility for men with a low sperm count. Zinc, CoQ10 and folate can all also help improve sperm health, making chances of conception higher.

4. Reduce stress levels.

While stress is bad for your mental health, it is bad for your physical health too. Studies have shown that high levels of stress can be correlated with reduced sperm production, which can lower the chance of conception. Be sure to relax, improve the amount and quality of sleep you get, and do plenty of exercise to keep the stress levels down.

5. Listen to your doctor.

After your vasectomy reversal surgery, you will be provided with details of what you should do to ensure that your recovery is as quick, pain-free and successful as possible. Be sure to follow the advice set out by Mr Harriss, and this will maximise your chances of your fertility levels going back to normal.