Great Chances of a Baby After Vasectomy Reversal

baby after vasectomy reversalPerhaps you’ve been thinking about the possibility of having a baby after vasectomy reversal, but you’re not sure about your chances for success. Many of our patients come to us with these types of questions. They want to have a baby, but they have a great deal of fear about whether or not it will happen for them.

If that sounds a lot like how you feel, it’s important for you to understand as much as you can about our success rates so that you know where you fit into the scheme of things.

Could You Have A Baby After Vasectomy Reversal?

Of course, yes, we have men of all ages and all times since vasectomy fathering a child after a vasectomy reversal with Mr Harriss. The amount of time that’s passed since your vasectomy ca be a factor but we have had men 34 years after a vasectomy becoming a dad  again. Here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we’ve found that as the number of patients we’ve had increases, so do our chances at successfully helping you and your partner have a baby after vasectomy reversal. This is because Mr Harriss continually refines his technique.

A quick look at our Success Rates page on our website will give you an excellent understanding about some of the results our patients have experienced in the past. With each passing year, our surgeon, Mr Harriss improves upon his technique, and we’re finding that our success rates are actually increasing.

If you and your partner or spouse have been thinking about the possibility of having another baby, but you worry about whether or not a vasectomy reversal will be successful for you, we’d like the opportunity to put your mind at ease. Many couples have conceived a baby after vasectomy reversal, and they were once in the same situation you’re facing now.

If you would like more information about your situation, and you’d like to talk with a professional who can offer you the guidance you need to make a good decision regarding your vasectomy reversal surgery, we’d love to talk with you. Please contact us today!