Great Success Rate for Vasectomy Reversals

success rate

If you’re like many of the patients we see here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, you’re probably feeling a little bit uncertain about having vasectomy reversal done because you’re not sure of the success rate. We’ve experienced patients who were in your situation in the past. This is a common concern, and many patients worry that they’ll fall into the small percentage of patients who don’t experience a successful conception following the surgery.

We’re pleased to inform you that if you would like to add another child to your family, the probability of you and your partner being able to conceive within a year is very good. Mr Harriss has a very high success rate, which is good news for your family!

Many of our patients only recently had their vasectomies performed. If that’s you, and if it’s been less than seven years since your vasectomy, our success rate is 98%. If it’s been a longer period of time, such as between eight and fourteen years, our success rate only drops to 94%. If it’s been between fifteen and twenty years, your success rate is around 84%. If it’s been twenty-one years or more, your success rate is 50%.

As you can see, these are excellent numbers, which means your chance of having a baby is very good, even if it’s been a long time since your original vasectomy.

Many patients come to our clinic, and they feel a little bit nervous about having surgery because they worry that they’ll go through it without having a successful pregnancy later on. We want you to know that we understand how you feel, which is why it’s our goal to provide you with the information you need to know your chances of conceiving. You’ll have a three-month semen analysis done after your surgery, which is included in the price.

If you have questions about having vasectomy reversal surgery, we’d love to talk with you. Please contact us today!