vasectomy reversalThere are plenty of reasons that you might decide you want a vasectomy reversal, whether it’s months or years after the original procedure. Reversing a vasectomy can help to relieve pain associated with the original procedure and restore fertility to those who have changed their mind about wishing to father a child.

Vasectomy reversal should be within the grasp of everyone, as the benefits to the health and well being of those who want one are numerous, but many people are put off by the perceived expense of a having the procedure.

The procedure carried out here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is called microsurgical vasectomy reversal surgery and is minimally invasive, with a success rate (for regaining fertility) of around 98% – sounds like good odds to us!

A fixed, upfront price of £2,860 is charged, which equates to around $4,312 or €3,818 – but check the latest exchange rates if you’re planning to visit from the US or Europe for your vasectomy reversal surgery. An anitial deposit of £500 is required to be paid for by debit or credit card and the remainder of the balance can be paid immediately, or it’s also possible to pay off the remainder sum with a BMI Payment Plan Card, offering 0% finance for the first 12 months. If you’d prefer, you can also choose our save and pay option, depositing whatever you can afford each month up until the date of the operation.

The price charged includes the operation, all hospital costs and fees, all meals and a three month semen analysis following the procedure, to analyse fertility.

You should also consider any loss of earnings which you may incur as a result of your surgery, as well as travel to and from the clinic. If your role is low impact, and home or office based, you shouldn’t miss too much time (around a week), but those whose work involves strenuous exercise or heavy lifting may need to take more. Two weeks is recommended for anyone whose job involves lifting, pulling or wearing a harness, in order to prevent damage occurring which could reduce the effectiveness of the vasectomy reversal.