What’s the vasectomy reversal cost?

Having decided that a vasectomy reversal is what you need, then the most common question we are asked is “what is the cost?”.

We have a simplified cost. It is the same for everyone, whenever you decide to come as everyone is treated equally.

vasectomy reversal costThe total vasectomy reversal cost is a fixed price and there is no addition to this in anyway apart from if you want a room for your partner. All the surgery takes place in a private hospital, the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham, that fully caters for surgical patients: several operating theatres, an X-ray department, an ITU, a pharmacy and single bedded rooms for privacy. We understand that you want to be together and you can be together as it is possible for your partner to spend as much time as she wants in your room until it is time for her to sleep. Her room will be near by and many bring their slippers so that they can feel a little more at home, walking from one room to the other.

So, the total price is £2897 for all the hospital care and costs including Mr Harriss’s fees and the anaesthetist’s fees. The additional room is £50 extra. There are no other costs.

The vasectomy reversal cost includes meals for you and all medicines and dressings.

It also includes, very importantly, the three month post-op semen analysis which we always include no matter where you live. This is because we are affiliated with CARE Fertility who have a WHO accredited semen analysis suite. Our relationship with CARE in Nottingham means that the semen analysis can only take place in Nottingham. But we do have people who initially decide to stay local for their analysis and then have a poor experience so return to Nottingham. Semen needs to be analysed, ideally, within 30 minutes of being produced so sending it in the post is sadly, not an option!

The way in which the payment works is as follows: we ask for a £500 deposit at the point of booking and so the balance (the rest of the cost) needs to be paid 2 weeks before the surgery.

Payment can be made by debit card, credit card or Chrysalis finance (which can be arranged in minutes). Our advice, if finance is a preferred option for you, would be to apply for the finance first and then book in once you have been approved so that you know you have a way of paying for the surgery when you pay the deposit. You can find out more about the finance here.

For some though, the vasectomy reversal cost cannot be paid for by finance or credit of any kind. We understand that many find themselves in difficult financial positions as a consequence of their previous relationships. If this is you, we ask that you try and save up half the cost and then contact us. This means that you will then have some money for the deposit, some money to pay towards the cost straight away and also have a clearer idea as to how long it will take for you to save up the remainder. After booking, you can pay off however much you want to, whenever you like as long as all the total cost if paid for prior to the surgery taking place.

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