how much is a vasectomy reversal

Question: How Much Is A Vasectomy Reversal?

We have many enquiries daily asking how much is a vasectomy reversal. This is a major decision making question and one that we can help with. Skill of the surgeon is not always reflected in the price. We know that there is a wide variety of prices and it can be very confusing as to why. The costs vary because the costs of running a clinic vary so ultimately, it is the skill of the surgeon that should be a primary factor in deciding who to attend for your vasectomy reversal.

Here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we understand that the majority of people do not have a pot of money sitting around ready to spend on a vasectomy reversal so we are often asked these two key questions:

Question 1: how much is a vasectomy reversal  and

Question 2: are any payment plans to assist with it.

Here at the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we can provide you with a:

A fixed price: we have no hidden extras. When we give you the price, that is it!

0% finance option (credit assessed): we have a free tool for you to assess your own credit rating without getting a mark on your credit file

Save and pay option: for those who do not want credit or can’t get credit but need time and help to save up.

Please read on as explanations are below.

Our Fixed Price Package

To make it easier to plan and know how much is a vasectomy reversal, we provide a fixed price package of care for you. This includes the following fees and care:

Face to face meeting with Mr Harriss

Hospital fees

Surgeon and anaesthetist fees

All meals and drinks

28 days care

3 month post op semen analysis

The total is £2831 There is no VAT to pay. NB. This is for micro-surgical vasectomy reversals and for redo-micro-surgical vasectomy reversals. It is also for whichever technique (vasovasostomy or vasoepididymostomy) Mr Harriss needs to perform.  There are NO additional or hidden costs.

Our 0% Finance Scheme

This is provided by the BMI Healthcare group and can be applied for online or through the post. It is a 12 month interest free, credit assessed option for you to finance the cost of your vasectomy reversal.

If you have obtained a BMI Card from any other hospital, it can still be used at the BMI Park Hospital to pay for your surgery.

How Does The BMI Card Work?

With the 0% finance scheme BMI Card, you use the BMI Card to pay for the surgery and then pay back the BMI Card starting a couple of weeks or so after the surgery, just like you would use a credit card.

So the sequence of events would be: Pay Using the BMI Card – Have Surgery – Then pay back the BMI Card after surgery.

There is a legal minimum amount of 5% or £25 of the outstanding balance to pay every month. So if you obtain credit for the full amount of surgery, then your first monthly invoice will be £141.55. If you decide that you want to spread the full cost of surgery over the 12 months (so you do not have to pay any additional money (as interest), then after you have used the BMI Card to pay for surgery, you will have 12 equal payments of £236 every month.

So How Do I Apply?

If you need an application form, then please contact us here.

There is also an online application form now available from this page. Just complete this online and then email to

If you already have a BMI Card obtained previously, within the last 2 years, then you can use it here. The good news is that if you have already have  a BMI Card and have used it before, you are also eligible for the 0% finance again, as this is a new financial “event”.

Save and Pay

When people contact us and question how much to reverse a vasectomy, there are often concerns as due to events in the past, they know that they are not eligible for credit (using the 0% finance option). So we have another method of payment that does not require any credit assessment at all.

Many couples have used this option as it helps them to save and keeps the money for their vasectomy reversal away from all other demands.

So this process works as follows: Save for Surgery using your unique bank account set up by us – then have surgery, with nothing to pay afterwards.

How Does Save And Pay Work?

So the first stage is to roughly calculate how many months you need to save up. Then having worked out the approximate time-scale, then you can book in with us knowing that you have secured the cost of your vasectomy reversal.

A couple of weeks after you have booked in, we send you details about how you can start to make payments. These can be made over the phone (to the Finance department) or online, whichever you prefer.

There is no minimum payment and you can make payments totally to suit you, weekly, monthly, whenever, there really are no stipulations on what you must do. When the full amount due is present in your unique account at the BMI (set up for you when you booked your appointment), then the surgery can take place.

Some people find the money sooner, others need longer. Either way, we can change your date, without financial penalty to suit you. Just try and give us as much notice as you can.

Importantly, the money always remains yours until you come for surgery. If you need to access it, then you can seek a full refund. All you need to do is to book in. We have an online booking system where you can see dates that are available.

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If you can’t find what you need, or would just like to talk to us, please ring 0115 837 0300 and speak to Catherine or Bev.

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