How the heat from laptops can damage your sperm

laptops can damage your spermAfter you’ve undergone a successful vasectomy reversal, you want to do everything possible to keep your sperm healthy. As technology evolves there are always suspicions regarding the damaging affects our technology have on health and none are more worrying than the implications they have on our fertility. There is a chance that laptops can damage your sperm.

The preference of laptops over PCs has rocketed, with more people working remotely and while commuting. As such, scientists have been speculating on the direct correlation between laptop use, the heat generated and the sperm count of the male user; research in the field focused on how radiation emitting from laptops affects the testicular health of users.

How laptops can damage your sperm

Experiments proved that there is a risk associated with scrotal temperatures; studies in Argentina and the US show a link between laptop use, the heat generated in the groin and the affects on sperm. The research monitored the motility and health of sperm after exposure to combined laptop and Wi-Fi use. The result ascertained that 9% of the sperm had suffered DNA damage along with reduced motility, while 25% of the sperm were completely inert. The studies concluded that laptops placed on the lap for a prolonged period of time (around four hours), will directly affect sperm health. Sadly, laptops can damage your sperm.

The next question arising asks if the dangers are exclusive to laptops or whether heat on its own plays a significant part. Studies in cooks and kitchen staff in the UK spending prolonged periods around hot ovens showed how heat leads to a risk of lowered sperm count. Infertility rates among this group are double that of the national average and as such chefs are encouraged to choose uniforms that protect the groin from heat exposure.

The associated risks to fertility from increased temperatures is something to consider when subjecting the groin to environments where temperatures are unnaturally high. Such places include saunas, jacuzzis and very hot baths. Lycra worn during sport (especially cycling) also leads to heat retention around the groin.

Although the potential dangers highlighted are noteworthy when aiming for optimum sperm health, they shouldn’t cause panic as the hazardous effects are completely temporary. Laptops can damage your sperm but when the laptop is kept away from your groin (and changes are made immediately and maintained for a few months) the normal health of the sperm ought to return. Contact us if you have any questions about this.