how to get a vasectomy reversal

Easy Guide to Getting A Vasectomy Reversal

Every day, we are contacted by people who want to know how to get a vasectomy reversal. At some point in their earlier life, having a vasectomy seemed like a really good idea or at worst, they felt forced into having the “snip”.

Mr Harriss sees hundreds of men every year, who attend to have a reversal of their vasectomy. The majority regain their fertility as a consequence.

Because of the large numbers coming to see Mr Harriss, we have a simplified the process of getting your vasectomy reversed.

Many people think wrongly, that you need to see your GP to seek their advice or permission to have a vasectomy reversal. This is not correct. In our experience, your family doctor may be a good doctor but generally, they give poor information or worse still can be adamant that there is no point in having a vasectomy reversal. As they have never performed this procedure and were trained to say that a vasectomy is irreversible, then what they say is understandable.

You can see Mr Harriss without a GP referral or involving your GP at all.

  • We are not judgmental.
  • We provide a service to assist you.
  • We have had men of all ages and for all reasons wanting a vasectomy reversal.
  • We try and be as helpful as we can to all partners.

Our simple “how to get a vasectomy reversal” guidevasectomy reversal questions

You can come for a consultation first and return later for your surgery. Or you can come and meet Mr Harriss and have your vasectomy reversal at the one visit.

We prefer to send you information via email. If you contact us, we can send you some detailed information with your specific chance of success, costs and recovery information. We have our own ebook that we have written and forms a helpful “how to get a vasectomy reversal” guide. We will send you a copy for free when you contact us.

However, you may be one of the many that is researching all over the country to find the right surgeon for you. We have compiled a guide below, to assist you.

While researching for the right surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal, you need to consider the following important points:

How long have they been performing vasectomy reversals?

Mr Harriss has performed many over 20 years and has a growing number of testimonials (currently around 850), independent feedback responses and an active Facebook group giving testament to Mr Harriss’s success and subsequent babies.

What is their training?

Mr Harriss is a Consultant Urological Surgeon based at the Nottingham City Hospital (teaching hospital) where he is the senior surgeon for Urology.

He is a “Mr” as he completed his surgical training which took around 15 years and has subsequently been a Consultant since 1998.

He is listed on the specialist GMC register as a Surgeon specialising in Urology. As the custom is to return to “Mr” after completing these surgeons’ exams, he does not refer to himself as Dr. Anyone who you find on your internet travels (in the UK) who calls themselves Dr and performs vasectomy reversal surgery is NOT a qualified surgeon.

He was taught the procedure whilst on specialist training in the US and as he performs so many (most weeks he performs around 10-15), he is in a position to constantly refine his technique and ensure that the results continue to improve.

Consequently, Mr Harriss understands and ensures that those who enquire as to how to get a vasectomy reversal receive clear and relevant information as to many, having surgery is very new and often frightening.

Which operation is performed?

All operations are performed by Mr Harriss only and all are microsurgical in technique.

All operations take place at the BMI Park Hospital in Nottingham. This is a fully functioning private hospital with ITU, MRI Scanner and other units you would expect to see in a hospital.

Is this operation similar to a vasectomy?

No, it isn’t. This is why we break down how to get your vasectomy reversal into simple steps, to guide you correctly Therefore there is special care and attention to detail that is required.

At least a week off work is required, two weeks if you have a physical job

Mr Harriss will only perform this microsurgery under a general anaesthetic.

Because of the general anaesthetic, it is less likely to hurt like the vasectomy as powerful painkillers are given during the procedure to make sure that you are comfortable afterwards.

The general anaesthetic also ensures that he can access the anatomy more easily and consequently, he has replied both sides in nearly 100% of patients.

How much will it cost?

The cost at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is a fixed price and this includes all the costs of surgery and the 3 month post-op semen analysis.

We have a 0% finance plan over 12 months to help with the cost. More information can be found here.

If finance is not something that you want or can obtain, then you have the option of saving with us by making payments as often as you like towards the cost of your vasectomy reversal. You can read more about this on our Save and Pay page.

As success is the outcome most sought after, then the price must include the semen analysis at a WHO accredited semen analysis laboratory. Our semen analysis is at CARE Fertility in Nottingham.

Costs do vary between surgeons but so does the experience too. We often have people attending for a redo, where they had the initial operation with a less experienced, more local surgeon for less money.

How many vasectomy reversals does the surgeon do?

Most weeks, Mr Harriss performs between 10-15 microsurgical vasectomy reversals. All are performed using a high powered surgical microscope.

The majority of surgeons perform substantially less than this as indicated by research completed in 2012. Of the 400 (approximately) urological surgeons that took part in this research, 75% performed around 15 or less PER YEAR.

Many private hospitals advertise that a surgeon does vasectomy reversal but this does not mean that he is skilled in performing the procedure or that he/she may perform that many. This is supported by the above mentioned research.

Where are the surgeon’s own results?

Simply, if a qualified surgeon is performing a significant number of a procedure, then they should be in the position to audit their own results with a date of this audit.

Mr Harriss recently re-audited his results (June 2017) and with these, it is possible to assess your chances of successful vasectomy reversal.

What is the date of the testimonials?

These should have recent dates and be regularly updated. Mr Harriss has consistent testimonials from over the last few years, the last being this month.

He has approaching 700 testimonials and around 500 independent reviews.

Should I just attend my local private hospital?

Our advice is this: think very carefully about that. Because:

  1. The surgeon may well list vasectomy reversal as one of his operations but he may do very few every year (see above)
  2. If they says they do many, then there should be a website with published results to show how successful they are.
  3. They should have published and dated testimonials of his past patients for you to easily see.
  4. Information should be given to you quickly.
  5. The price should be readily available.
  6. The price should include a WHO accredited semen analysis.

All these are questions that should be asked and you should expect prompt answers.

Ultimately, skill matters when you are considering this microsurgical procedure. If you can relate acquiring a skill to any area of your own life, skill requires that the activity is repeated or practiced regularly to gain experience and expertise. Via the NHS, Mr Harriss is assessed for safety on a regular basis and without this safety record he cannot perform reversal of vasectomy procedures privately, which he does in his own time, over 3-4 operating lists every week. He is quite unique in that he focusses on just vasectomy reversal procedures in the private sector and with that come the skills, experience, results and many babies.

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