Is It Too Late To Reverse My Vasectomy?

too late to have a vasectomy reversalThere are many men out there who regret having a vasectomy for one reason or another. Many of them were young when they had the procedure, imagining they’d never want children, but now realise that they’ve become broody over time. Others may have thought in the past that they were finished with having children, yet have since met a new partner or decided that they do indeed want to become a father again. Whatever the circumstances, there are many reasons why someone might be looking into reversing a vasectomy. However, some men worry about whether they’ve left it too late, and might be wondering whether they’re still able to have a reversal. Although there are many myths out there about how long you can wait, the truth about the procedure’s effectiveness might surprise you.

High success rate

By seeing an expert in vasectomy reversal, you can be sure that the vasectomy reversal success rate is high. Mr. Harriss boasts the following success rates for vasectomy reversal, based on the interval between procedures:

98% for vasectomies performed three months to seven years ago (if they are aged 30 or under)
90% for men aged over 30 up to 10 years since vasectomy
80% for men 11 to 20 years since vasectomy
50% for 21 years and over

This is measured by the number of men who have a positive sperm count from their semen analysis three months after the surgery. This will also give you an accurate sperm count, as well as looking out for anti-sperm anti-bodies that can hinder conception, although don’t necessarily make it impossible.


When choosing someone to do a vasectomy reversal, it’s not just about the numbers and statistics; you want to hear from others who have gone through the same thing. Mr. Harriss boasts hundreds of testimonials on his site, many of them from men who had their vasectomy years ago, and thought it’d be too late to reverse it and become a father, only be to pleasantly surprised by their partner’s pregnancy. If you’re thinking of having your vasectomy reversed, then you can be sure of a high success rate and the best surgery by you with Mr. Harriss, no matter how long ago you had the original procedure.