Is your phone nuking your sperm?

male fertilityIf you have gone through the process of vasectomy reversal, or if you’re thinking about it, then the chances are you want to father more children. If that’s the case then it might be time to take care of the small details, like taking your phone out of your pocket.

Ever since mobile phones shrunk to the size where they could fit in your pocket, there have been anecdotal links to infertility. Of course the reasoning was simple, your testes are effectively outside the body because their optimum operating temperature is just slightly below body temperature.

Old mobile phones pumped out significant amounts of heat, which could warm your groin independently of the rest of your body. Then there was the phone signal, which may have been a horror story, nobody seemed to know for sure and no studies could truly agree.

Of course phones run cooler now, so heat isn’t an issue. Electromagnetic radiation, though, is another matter.

In 2014 the University of Exeter looked into the problem, analysing findings from 10 studies and almost 1,500 men. The scientists in charge of the study concluded that men that routinely kept their phone in their trouser pocket had sperm that were 8% less mobile, which has a negative impact on fertility. Even the scientists in charge called for more study and would not unequivocally back their findings, but there is a clear link between having your phone in your pocket and fertility issues.

If anything, it has become a bigger issue since 2014, as more of us use phones with Wi-Fi and that inevitably means an increase in electromagnetic radiation. Will that have an impact on your fertility? Again, nobody seems to know, but the one thing that experts agree on is that there is a chance.

If you have recently undergone a vasectomy reversal and you want to father more children, the best advice anyone can give you is to play it safe. Keep your phone in a holder away from your trouser pocket in a belt clip or even in your bag, because putting it in your pocket is a risk you just don’t need to take. If you have any questions, please get in touch.