Is There An Association Between Laptops, Heat and Sperm?


laptops and fertilityA recent article in the Times  (October 2013) asked the question as to whether laptops, heat and sperm counts are connected in some way.

There are various pieces of research that have investigated if harm is caused from the radiation:

1. Research carried out in New York by Dr Yefim Sheynkin found a dangerous rise in the scrotal temperature of men within 15 minutes of starting the experiment. He also identified that WiFi might increase the rise in the temperature of the groin.


2. Research conducted jointly between Argentina and the United States of America also found an association between laptops, heat and sperm. The experiment looked at  found  semen samples, positioned an inch away from a WiFi attached laptop, to see if there were any changes in health and motility. The results found that the sperm experienced DNA damage and poor mobility compared to normal sperm. The study went on to show that 4 hours of sitting under a wifi connected laptop led to 9 percent having DNA damage and 25 per cent no longer moving.


3. Research in Chefs has identified that the heat from the ovens heats up the testes and causes a decline in sperm counts. Rates of infertility in Chefs in the UK  is actually double the national average and because of this, they are encourages to wear heatproof shields in their apron pockets to deflect the heat away from their scrotum.


4. Jacuzzis, saunas and the wearing of lycra for cycling combined with the exertion of cycling all increase the heat the the groin area.


Whilst the evidence might appear to be a little scary, the harm caused by laptops, heat and sperm is reversible and if changes are made today, then in around 3 months time, your sperm will be much healthier.

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