vasectomy reversal ireland

We Help Many People From Ireland

Over the last few years we have had many people come to us for a vasectomy reversal from Ireland.

We understand that there is a desire to reverse a vasectomy for personal, religious and other reasons. This is the reason that people come to Mr Harriss as reversing a vasectomy is a highly skilled procedure.

Mr Duncan Harriss DM FRCS (Urol) has been performing microsurgical vasectomy reversals since 1998 and now performs several hundred vasectomy reversals every year. The fact that nearly every week, he performs 10-15 vasectomy reversals, his skill is retained, improved and constantly refined.

He audits his own results to ensure that he is transparent about the chance of your success.

Mr Harriss is the lead surgeon for Urology at a major medical teaching hospital, Nottingham City Hospital. In the UK, as private medicine has to be kept separate to NHS work, he therefore performs micro-surgical vasectomy reversals in his own time.

We have had much feedback from  couples who have attended the vasectomy reversal centre:

  • we have around 1000 written testimonials
  • we have a busy facebook page, where we post our testimonials, with over 900 fans
  • we have an active facebook group where people can ask questions and discuss vasectomy reversals and recovery
  • we have 75 5 star reviews on facebook

Only one visit required

If you decide to come to Mr Harriss there is no need to attend for a consultation beforehand. There are no tests required. Instead, we can send you some information to read via email. From there, you are welcome to ask questions via email or phone.


There are three operating lists most weeks:

  • Mondays require attendance at 12 midday,
  • Wednesday has a 4.30pm arrival time.

The later arrival time on Wednesday allows for more travel time.

We have an online booking system where you can book your own appointment to fit into your own diary and travel arrangements. As long as you allow for the arrival timings above and a departure of between 9 and 10 the next morning, you can safely book your own date.

Self Isolation

it is now a requirement of the BMI Healthcare Group that everyone isolates for 14 days prior to surgery. There are no exceptions to this. 

It is also a requirement that whilst you are in isolation that you attend the BMI Park for a COVID test. Only if this is negative can surgery proceed.

Therefore, it would be necessary to self isolate in Nottinghamshire for 14 days prior to surgery.

Get to us via plane

We are located around 45 minutes from East Midlands Airport, 1 hr 30 minutes from Birmingham Airport and at least 2 hours from Manchester.

Drive to us

We are around 20 minutes off Junction 27 of the M1 motorway.

Train to us

We are about 20-30 minutes from Nottingham train station and there is a taxi rank just outside the station.

On arrival

On arrival at the main entrance, you will be shown to your room. There, Mr Harriss will come to you and meet with you in your room. Your partner is welcome too and we can accommodate her in her own room for an additional small charge. She is welcome to be at the meeting with Mr Harriss and can stay with you in your room for as long as you wish.

The anaesthetist will visit you in your room and then soon afterwards you will go to theatre. After recovering over night, you will be free to leave between 9 and 10 the next day. We have then had many people fly home on this day.

If staying overnight is not something that you wish to do, then you can come from a day-case and stay locally in our recommended accommodation. This would require a night’s stay either side of the surgery. For example, day-case surgery takes place on Sundays so you would need to book accommodation for the Saturday night and the Sunday night. Mr Harriss would not advise flying home on the Sunday night.

On returning home

Finally, we have a separate website, graded 5 stars by previous visitors, for your after care and a refined process to help you with your recovery so you will be looked after at a distance.

Phone Us on 0115 837 0300 (days) or 0800 559 3922 (evenings & weekends).

“We’re a friendly, helpful team!”