We Love Hearing Vasectomy Reversal Testimonials

vasectomy reversal baby

One of the most exciting things about our business is hearing from couples who have undergone vasectomy reversal and getting testimonials from them. Our Nottingham clinic has helped so many couples achieve their goal of being able to conceive, and today we’d like to share a few of them with you.

When I first approached The Vasectomy Reversal Centre about getting my vasectomy reversed, I was very nervous. I didn’t like the idea of having surgery, but I knew that if we wanted to have another baby, it was something that I would have to do. From our very first meeting, Mr Harriss made me feel very comfortable. I was confident in his ability to perform a successful reversal, and after three months, my semen analysis looks great!

What concerned me the most about having my vasectomy reversed was the recovery period. As the main breadwinner in our home, I needed to be able to make money for our family. It was very good to hear that the recovery time for a vasectomy reversal isn’t long at all, and within a week I was able to do some work from home. Now, we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of our baby girl, and that makes everything worth it. Thank you, Mr Harriss!

The staff at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre was so nice and supportive of us when we came in for our first appointment. The idea of surgery made both of us feel a little uncertain, but they were quick to put us at ease about the decision we were making. Now we have a beautiful baby boy, and we couldn’t be more thankful to Mr Harriss and his team for all they have done for us.

What about you? We would love to add your story to our list of testimonials.

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