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Do You Need Your Vasectomy Reversing?

Here at The Vasectomy Reversal Centre, where we specialise in male sterilization reversal surgery, you will be maximising your chances of a successful microsurgical vasectomy reversal. Many hundreds of men attend here every year for high quality surgery and after care.

Every year many men either choose to have a vasectomy, or are cohersed into having one, and then their cirumstances change. What they all need is a non-judgemental attitude as life does throw the occasional brick and changes in direction do take place.

We provide a listening ear to men and their partners.

Different Methods of Male Sterilization

There are many different methods of performing the “snip” and a few methods of  reversing a vasectomy surgically, too. The most important aspect of all is to know that whatever the reversal technique, it is the results that matter. Mr Harriss has encountered vasectomy surgery from the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. A variety of methods but none have been found to be inoperable. Having said that, the only problem that any surgeon would encounter would be if the vasectomy took place at the same time as a hernia repair.

Male contraception methods inlcude open and closed vasectomy procedures, a no-scalpel vasectomy, cauterised or burning to the ends of the tiny tubes of vas-deferens, tieing of these tubes and the removal of a segment, around an inch or a couple of centimetres. These are all established and authorized methods of vasectomy.

In the same way there are many different methods of male sterilization reversal but there are some very important points that do need to be emphasized so that your chances of success after the vasectomy reversal are maximised. Mr Harriss performs around 10-15 reversal operations most weeks. Sometimes, more but the most important point to remember is that the more a procedure is performed, the greater the skill and the better the chance to refine and ensure that the process is maximising the outcome. This is something that Mr Harriss can do all the time due to the number of people who come to him for surgery.

It is also very important to remember:

  • there is no science to say that one method of reversal of male sterilization is more superior than another.
  • there is no science to say that training in one country or another leads to better results
  • the surgery must be performed under a general anaesthetic. This means that you are giving yourself a greater chance of having higher quality surgery
  • the results of the surgeon – are these published? Are they the actual results of the surgeon?
  • is the surgeon a surgeon? What are the qualifications? Do they just refer to themselves as Dr or Mr? There is a big difference between the two. A fuller explanation can be found here.

Male Sterilization Reversal Key Points To Remember

85% of urologists in the UK perform less than 15 male sterilization reversals every year. The Vasectomy Reversal Centre performs 3300% more than this every year. the surgeon Mr Duncan Harriss has been interviewed on Radio 5 Live and appeared in the Independent and The Daily Mail. He also audits his own results.

All procedures are performed under a general anaesthetic enabling you to have premium surgery, maximum pain relief and great care as the staff are knowledgeable in the care you need. The microsurgical vasectomy reversal technique used is a proven method which transmits into results.

Audited results are important and present so that you can see, clearly, what your chances of a successful outcome are. As vasectomy reversal procedures are not available on the NHS, it is important to know what you are likely to get for your hard-earned cash.

A surgeon who has successfully completed surgical exams and specialist surgical exams is then listed on the General Medical Council specialist register. If the person you seek is not there, they are not a surgeon. There are no exceptions.

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