NHS to limit vasectomy referrals

vasectomy reversalVasectomy reversals are a common procedure as men remarry or simply decide they were a little hasty when they cut the cord the first time round. Now, though, the NHS has been forced to ration vasectomies in the first place and men will have to make a strong case if they want the surgical procedure.

GPs in Basildon and Brentwood have been informed by their local trust that they will be assigned a specific amount of vasectomy referrals, ranging from just one to 11, for the coming financial year.

The NHS is under massive strain at the moment and non-essential procedures are coming under serious financial scrutiny and even certain cancer drugs have been placed off limits due to the costs involved. Being denied a vasectomy might actually be a blessing in disguise for the men concerned, as a good number of people realise after the event that a vasectomy was a radical and premature step.

More than 400 men visit the Vasectomy Reversal Centre in Nottingham to have their procedures reversed every year. A higher than average 98% success rate for fertility means The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is the first port of call for clients from the UK, Europe and even further afield that have undergone a vasectomy and now wish to father more children.

With one of the most experienced surgeons in the country, Mr Harriss, who specialises in vasectomy reversals and uses the multi-layered technique, The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is one of the country’s premier locations for this delicate procedure.

Mr Harriss and many other surgeons around the UK who restore men’s fertility when they realise they acted too hastily with the initial decision to opt for a vasectomy welcome the news that the NHS has decided to limit the number of free procedures.

Of course many patients will opt for a private vasectomy, but this additional barrier to the treatment will mean many simply abandon their plans and don’t need to go through the process of a vasectomy reversal years down the line.

For those that do, The Vasectomy Reversal Centre is there to make the procedure as painless as possible.