You Can Meet Mr Harriss and Have a Vasectomy Reversal in One Visit


one visit appointmentThis one visit appointment for your vasectomy reversal is an option that the majority of couples choose as it is time effective. By all means, if you have any questions, please do ring us or email us and we will do our best to answer these, free of charge, so that you can make the right choice for you. If this is not what you would like or you would like to review our options, then we have information about Booking your one visit appointment for you.

To arrange a “one visit” appointment to meet Mr Harriss and have your vasectomy reversal, you can either:

1. email us telling us of when you want to come to Nottingham.


2. ring us on 0115 837 0300 and we can talk you through the whole procedure. We know that many people want to check that we are real (we are) and also talk to somebody, which is absolutely fine with us.


2. you can book in online via our booking system which we use 24 hours a day, every day and is updated in real time by anyone who books. Just click the button below and you will be taken to it. You can search for Mondays, Wednesdays or Sundays and then choose the date and then book.

However when you book, you will be asked for a £500 non refundable deposit payable by Visa (debit or credit), or MasterCard.



One Visit Appointment: Additional information

chance of successComing to Nottingham only once usually requires an overnight stay and the majority of couples decide that it is more time efficient to come the one time to Nottingham.

There are 2 dedicated lists for microsurgical vasectomy reversals every week which all require an overnight stay:

Mondays – arrival at the hospital for 12 midday
Wednesdays – arrival at the hospital for 4pm

Discharge home is usually between 9 and 10am the following day.

Those travelling long distances usually decide to come on Wednesdays as there is more daytime available to travel. Others decide to make use of local accommodation to extend their stay.


Partner accommodation

If you decided to come together, then we can provide accommodation for your partner at the Cockliffe Hotel adjacent to the hospital. The fee for this is £50 and can be booked via our online booking system. If you partner is a driver, then she can easily drive herself there. it is a 2 minutes journey if that. If she is not, then the hospital can arrange transport, free of charge. Check in is around 3pm and as is the policies with all hotels, a credit card will be required on arrival – only to over the cost of additional items as the room will already have been paid for. 

The £50 fee covers only the room and no food or drink. Any that is purchased will be at the cost of the user. Having said that, most partners decide to have breakfast with their loved ones in hospital where the charge is £5. This can be booked on arrival with the ward staff.

On the day of surgery

After arriving, a receptionist will escort you to your room where the nursing staff will greet you. Shortly afterwards, Mr Harriss will come and meet you to discuss the microsurgical vasectomy reversal and any questions that you may have. Shortly after this, Dr Matthews, the anaesthetist, will also come and explain what will happen when you go to theatre. Surgery happens soon afterwards. You are then looked after by the ward staff who are there also, to answer any questions that you or your partner might have.

This one visit appointment is very popular and chosen by around 99% of couples.

Phone Us on 0115 837 0300 (days) or 0800 559 3922 (evenings & weekends).

“We’re a friendly, helpful team!”