how to reverse a vasectomy

A Short Guide to Reversing A Vasectomy

There are two key questions that people ask themselves when realising that a vasectomy is not right for them (for whatever reason):

1. Can a vasectomy be reversed?

2. How do you reverse a vasectomy?

Well, a vasectomy can be reversed and the question of “How to reverse a vasectomy” is answered here. At the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, we help Dads become Dads again.

Can You Reverse A Vasectomy Naturally – Possible?

Around the middle of the 20th century, it was noted that the failure rate of vasectomy was too high. Today, there is a population of people who were all conceived as a consequence of failed vasectomy. It was found that using the old method of vasectomy, a cut was just made in the vas deferens on both sides. What wasn’t known is that there was (and still is) a built-in capacity to self-heal meaning that the two ends of the vas deferens re-found themselves, joined together and enabled the passage of sperm. So for some men, their vasectomy did reverse itself naturally but without them knowing.

The technique was then changed around 50 years ago to improve the chances of successful vasectomy and this is now done by removing a segment of vas deferens and either tying, burning (cautery) or stitching each end to stop them from rejoining naturally. Subsequently, this method of contraception is now considered to be 99% effective. It is no longer possible to reverse male sterilization without surgery.

Our Vasectomy Reversal Service

Here at the Vasectomy Reversal Centre, several hundreds of men every year attend Mr Harriss for their surgery so we used to having men and women every day asking us how to reverse a vasectomy. Here are the key points that you need to know and consider (with respect to other surgeons) to ensure that you obtain the highest quality surgery and the best chance of a positive outcome:

  • Mr Harriss has been performing vasectomy reversals since 1998.
  • He learnt how to perform this skilled microsurgery in USA whilst undergoing some specialist training prior to 1998
  • All performed micro-surgically using a high powered microscope
  • Operates several times a week: during the week and occasional sundays
  • The significant majority of men become fertile again

Mr Harriss has also performed vasectomy reversal on men who have suffered from Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS). Using an established technique, all results are audited.

We are friendly and helpful. If you have any questions, please ring us on 0115 837 0300 during the week or 0800 559 3922 evenings and weekends. Or you can click the button to send us an email.