Our Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Process

Drawing on the experience of around 500 vasectomy reversal surgery operations every year, we have a simplified process designed to make things easy for you. In case you are in any doubt, we have a sister site, yourvasectomyreversal.co.uk, which has been our main website for many years.

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Questions About Our Booking Process

Q. What Are My Chances Of Success?

The first thing that people usually ask is – what are my chances of success? We audit our results regularly and the latest (May 2013) realised our best success rates for vasectomy reversal. We also have testimonials to back up what we say we can do.

Q. Do I Need A GP Referral?

We do not need to have a GP referral for your surgery to take place. Our experience is that many GPs whilst being excellent family doctors are misinformed about reversing a vasectomy. This is because many of them can perform a vasectomy and are trained to consent that it is permanent. As Mr Harriss is a consultant urological surgeon with 16 years of experience performing micro-surgical reversals, then he is better placed to provide the advice you require.

Q. Where Are We?

We are located in Nottinghamshire at the BMI Park Hospital. Part of the BMI network of private hospitals throughout the UK provides you with the opportunity of a fixed package of care, payment options. Official BMI figures show that Mr Harriss is the leading surgeon for performing reversal of vasectomy in the UK for the BMI Healthcare group. We have people coming form all over the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, US and beyond and subsequently, we can advise you on travel and accommodation.

Q. When Does Surgery Take Place?

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is always an overnight stay as all operations take place under a general anaesthetic. Being a 24 hour a day hospital, we want to make sure that you recover well and are comfortable before leaving us.

  • On Mondays you will need to be at the hospital for 12 midday
  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays you will need to arrive at around 4.30pm
  • Discharge takes place between 9 and 10 am the following morning.

Occasionally, around once a month, there is a Sunday list which is as a day-case which means that you would need to attend at 7am and after recovering well, can go home around 5pm.

Q. How Do I Know That Mr Harriss is a Surgeon?

Mr Harriss is a consultant urological surgeon who is based at the City Hospital, Nottingham. He qualified in the 1980s and subsequently has his DM,  FRCS and FRCS (Urol) – this latter qualification is a specialist urology qualification. He is also listed on the GMC specialist register for you to double check what we say.

Q. Can I Have A Consultation First?

Yes. These are available on occasional Tuesday afternoons and the cost is £180 payable via invoice prior to the appointment. This is an additional cost to that of the vasectomy reversal.  The majority of couples decide to come the one time and make use of our booking system where they can book their appointment to meet Mr Harriss and have surgery at the same visit.

Q. Why A General Anaesthetic?

This is to maximise your chances of success. Everybody’s anatomy is slightly different and as Mr Harriss is a consultant urologist operating in a hospital providing you with 24 hour care every day of the year, you will be having the vasectomy reversal with skill and specialist urological surgical expertise. The general anaesthetic used is a modern anaesthetic which acts quickly and makes the large majority of people feel that they have had a really good sleep. It wears off quickly too and reassures everyone that they will not feel a thing. This is because Dr Matthews, our anaesthetist, can give you powerful painkillers whilst under the anaesthetic to ensure your discomfort afterwards is minimal. An audit we conducted on the immediate post-operative period found that nobody experienced pain, and the minority reported discomfort.  Many men have not too pleasant memories of their vasectomies performed under a local!

Also reassuring, is the fact that the BMI Park Hospital is a fully equipped private hospital with an ITU and all other departments you would expect to find and available for your use, should they be required.

Q How Many Incisions?

One scrotal incision. This is possible due to the general anaesthetic and the surgical skill. The vasectomy reversal surgery will take place through this incision and no others and ensures that there is adequate access. This also means that there is excellent access to repair both sides which is routine.

Q. What Is The Recovery Time?

You will definitely need a week off work and if you have any physical aspect to your work, then two weeks. This is to ensure that the internal healing can take place effectively. We can provide you with a sick certificate should you need one.

Q. 3 Month Semen Analysis

This is included in the price and takes place at CARE Fertility in Nottingham only. CARE Fertility is run by Dr Simon Fishel, one of the pioneers of IVF treatment in the world and subsequently, we feel it is important that this service is included in the price. They have a purpose made analysis suite and samples can be seen within minutes.

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